Monday, August 31, 2009


I love when you go somewhere and all the kids insist that they are not tired. It pretty much cracks me up because the following usually happens (Seth is hit and miss as to whether he will fall asleep or not but the others are pretty much always the same!)

Lexi definitely looks like a kid who wasn't tired!
So we headed up northeast of Payson to go camping for the 4th of July. We met up w/ Eliott's mom and her hubby Todd. and we had a fantastic time. It was such a great trip. The weather was great. It even poured on us a couple times. The little random storms would last about an hour. The first one proved to us how non-leak proof our tent is. Eliott was busy having kidney stone pains in the tent when it first started pouring so Todd helped me cover the tent w/ the tarp that was used for covering the wood. It did manage to keep the water out of our tent. For which I was extremely grateful. By the time I got back in the tent after getting the tarp and helping Todd throw it over the tent, I was completely soaked!! But it was fun. The last time we went camping Eliott bought me this awesome hammock. So I took full advantage of having it there. I brought w/ me some cheesy books and laid in the hammock and read. It was fantastic and sooo relaxing! And as you can see the kids love it too.

This picture makes me laugh and I am not quite sure why. I do love Lyddie's eyes in this one!
Seth is actually holding a caterpillar in this picture! He is usually scared of everything but this little caterpillar was his buddy!

I do have to tell the funny potty issues we had while camping! Riley decided that she could go pee outside by herself. And dog-gone it she was gonna learn how to do it. Even if it meant peeing on everything we brought. And that is exactly what it meant. She would try soooo hard but her legs are too short and she would pee on her pants or undies every single time.
And then Lyddie was absolutely terrified of peeing outside. She would freak out and not go. And then she would end up peeing her pants. Luckily Eliott's mom and Todd have a pop-up trailer w/ a toilet. So Lyddie was able to go there. I can't remember exactly how long it was but the first day she went potty at home and then didn't go again until it was late evening. She held it soooo long.
So between Riley and her desire to go by herself and Lyddie and her fear of going outside, we literally peed through every possible thing. Even the dirty clothes from the first 2 days, that Lexi kept dry. It was getting a bit ridiculous!!
But I love camping and can't wait to go again!!
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Summer fun Movie day!

We love the harkins summer fun movie day. We got to go to almost every show this summer. It was a lot of fun. I was a little worried about not having my movie buddies that I had last year. But it ended up being okay. Lyddie and Lexi thought they had to go to the bathroom every time. But Riley and Seth did such a good job! The kids would go back and forth as to whether or not they wanted the booster chair. This was on Riley's b-day and they decided they didn't need the chair! she is funny!

These 2 pictures of Lexi just make me laugh every time I see them. She watched almost the whole movie like that!

look at the face on her! Too funny!

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Oh Lyddie

Oh my little Lyddie. She is such a joy to me. She is my snuggle bug. She cracks me up. I borrowed this bumbo chair from a friend so that I could use it for the little boy I babysit. I usually have it in the top of my closet but the second it is free she is in it. She could sit in it all day long. She has been into barbies lately and this is how I find her allllll the time!
She will just sit where ever, (if the bumbo is available that is her choice, but the couch works just as well) and hold 2 or more barbies and just quietly play w/ them. Back and forth! And yes the "daddy" barbie is naked and I don't know where the clothes are! Eliott even found her in the corner of her closet one day just playing away! She is tooo funny!! Look at that face!!!
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my boy is big!

Seth turned 7 yesterday! I can't believe how time has flown!! We have decided to only have all out huge parties when the kids turn 5, 8, 12, 16 and 18. And every year we will still have a family party. So for his family party we met at our community pool and swam and had barros and of course cake. Eliott made him a yummy german chocolate bundt cake! But he forgot the candles on the counter so Seth got to blow out the lighter quite a few times! He is such a good sport. It almost didn't seem real that it was his birthday, he didn't have a ton of hype leading up to it. He seems soooo grown up. He had been requesting a few different things from different people. It kinda made me laugh how he had it figured out. He had Eliott's mom getting him "twister" and he had us getting a slinky. But he wouldn't mix that up he would only tell us slinky, and her twister. I didn't even know he had requested that until she and I were talking. Such a funny kid.

We asked him if he wanted to open the presents from us on Sunday, his actual birthday or if he wanted them the same day as his party, which was saturday. He thought about it for a minute and then told me he would rather have them on his actual day, so that way he still got presents on his birthday. I love that kid! I soooo would have chosen the earlier day!
Another funny thing that he did that made me realize he is getting older was: he was talking to Eliott on Saturday and said "dad you don't have much time left to go shopping for my presents"
Eliott told him that we knew for a long time that it was his birthday and that we had it covered!!

So Sunday morning he came into our room to open his presents. He got his slinky and he got it to walk down 3 stairs! This kid can read like crazy, and has been reading the "Boxcar Children" books from the library but he hasn't read the 1st one, so Eliott got him that one. He was excited and then he got an MP3 player. (I wish I could type how he says it. It cracks me up, he didn't realize that it was 2 letters and a number, he thought it was a word and the word was soooo funny!) anyway so he got that and some earphones. He was soooo happy. He just loves music and the best thing about this one is that it can charge through the computer! No more batteries!! So Eliott loaded it w/ music last night and he was in love. I woke up this morning to hear him belting out "i want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiiikeee" at the top of his lungs!

He is such an amazing boy! I just love him to death! He is a great helper and an excellent big brother. He has such a fun personality and funny sense of humor! I don't know what I would do w/ out him!
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Super Saturday

Somehow I got roped into doing Super Saturday w/ my ward this year. I had fun working w/ my good friend, Kelli. But there was lots of drama where others were concerned which made it not so super! But it is done! It turned out well and I think everyone had a good time.
I was in charge of 4 of the crafts this year. (mine are in the second picture)

Kelli did, the family blocks, the christmas sign under the hammer, a candy jar that says "gobble til you wobble" a glass block, one said "boo" the other said "believe", a recipe holder that had a small sheet of tin to put in the slot on the top of that block of wood and then we had 2 free things, magnets (the ones that are clear flat marbles w/ cute paper under them and then glue the magnet on) and composition books that you could cover w/ cute paper
So I did the picture frame (we did this at my old ward last year and people loved it so I suggested it for this year)
and then we also did the soaps from last year. They have inserts in them displaying different quotes.
Then the monogram letter. And the last one I did was the tin box.

It was a ton of work! I had to visit all the micheal's, walmarts, and joanns in my area and most of them more than once. I had to collect 97 clear soaps! But it is done! and now I can focus on other things!
Seth's birthday was yesterday so after super saturday he had his party. So it was a fun filled day. I will post more on his b-day soon.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

smokin' deal!!

I love shopping!! Mostly when I get to save a ton of money. Or shop guilt free w/ somebody else's money, which frankly doesn't happen. So I gotta get my kicks off the good deals. Well our van has been kinda out of commission for the month of August and Eliott was gone for almost 2 weeks before that. so really the last time I got to really really go shopping was a month or more ago. So last night I went to fry's! I don't think I could have taken a picture if I wanted to, but I spent $93 (I know it doesn't sound fantastic until you hear what I got) I got 146 items. among those were gogurt, yogurt, granola bars in all brands and flavors, fruit snacks, and much much more! It was fanastic!!
Then today I went to walgreens and got...

3 full size Air wick sensor sprays
3 mini air wick sensor sprays
3 glade sense and spray
1 glade refill
3 glade candles
4 cand of Blue Diamond almonds
2 packs Chinette plates
50 4x6 prints
and I paid a grand total of...
(the bill came to $112ish)

I love a good grocery high!!
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

moving on..

Okay so like everybody else who goes private... I just decided that it was time. There are lots of weirdos out there that like to blog stalk!
So anyway! and ummmm now that I know how many of you wanted an invite I better be seeing some comments people!
But now that I have finally converted over to private I can go blog crazy and update you on all the happenings this summer!
brace yourself!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

going private! let me know if you want an invite!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A visit to the dentist

Ah little X!! she has been dreading the dentist for a week. We had appts. yesterday and she had been crying for the whole week and telling me almost as much as she tells me she loves me (which is pretty much ALL day long!!), she would tell me that she didn't want to go to the dentist
So in the morning of the dreaded appt. We ran an errand and when we got back she just kept telling me she didn't want to go. So I tell her not to worry about it we are gonna go for a car ride. So we get in the car and after I made a couple turns she shouts "YAY this isn't the way to the dentist!!" (she has never even been to the dentist!!) So I keep driving. I get to the office and she asks where we are I tell her we should walk around the building and see where we end up. When we walked in the office she shouts to the waiting room "see this ISN'T the dentist office!!!"
Luckily none of the other patients pointed out how wrong she was and CJ (the receptionist and good friend) Says of course it isn't the dentist you just came to see me huh!!
Well after ALL the crying that Lexi did and Riley did her fair share too, We had no tears at all for the whole appt. Seth even went off by himself to have his teeth cleaned while I stayed w/ Riley!! And no cavities!!
It was fabulous!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A little behind

Well a few months ago we went to get Lexi's ears pierced but the lady told us she wouldn't do little girls unless there were 2 people there. She would do it but if Lexi move after the 1st side, she wouldn't do the second side. Well I wasn't willing to risk the whole no moving thing, cuz come on what 3 year old sits perfectly still while some stranger pokes something through her ear. So when we left we told Lexi if she could dress herself for a week straight we would take her back to get them done. Well since she didn't know how long a week was, we were able to milk it for a while. And she would always tell us everytime she got dressed "I did it by myself, now I can gets my earrings peered"
So a couple weeks ago we went and got her earrings peered. She did soooo good. She just whimpered a bit shed a tear or two and that was it!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Petal Party

While blog hopping one day, I came across such a fun idea. A petal party! What you do is have everyone bring one bouquet of silk flowers and an embellishment for the center. Then you just switch and trade and make a bunch of flower clips! So I decided to have a petal party. I invited some girls from my new ward and sent out cute little invitations. The only bad part was I had planned it on the last day of school and didn't realize it until the invitations were all done. So most of them couldn't make it. But tons have said they want to do. So in the near future I will do it again. We had tons of fun and one of the girls stayed until 2:30 and we just talked and talked. It was such a fun way to get to know some people. Anyway, I made like 17 clips. Now I love to wear them in my hair, or add them to a bag. It is seriously so fun!
This yellow and pink one is so pretty, but I haven't found anything to wear it with yet. but I will, oh yes, I will!!
I think this orange one is my all-time favorite! It is so fun and bright, I love it!! I have even worn it a few times already!

At girls camp I got a cute hat and put a different flower in it each day. The girls all loved the flowers so now we are doing flower clips for our laurel activity this week! Check out the sparkles. One of the girls I invited that couldn't come gave us some stuff to use. This glittery stuff was called sickles. and it was soo fun! So I had to go out and get some!

New scrap area!

So I got a new scrap/craft desk. I was going to make it but decided on this route instead. At Micheal's you can get these cubes and mix and match them to make what you want. So I went and picked them up. One at a time, so I could use my 40% off coupon. Then I went to home depot and got the shelf material and had them cut it to size so that I could just lay it on top. And wala, a perfectly custom area!!! I am so in love!

Check out the inside of the drawer. I have 2 of those!! Awesome!!
And the cute little hutch thingy. With the awesome ribbon holder! It is sooo perfect!
I seriously love my new little station. It makes me want to craft. It is nice to have room for my awesome cutting machine, my computer and lamp and then still have room on my desk for the crafting!
I am a happy girl!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Lately I've been missing this lady
I''ve been missing the innocence of her
I've been missing the laughter
I've been missing the loveI've been missing the grandma
I've been sad that none of my kids will remember her
I've been missing the person she is

I miss my mom! And on days like this it makes it worse!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sleepy Lyddie

Okay this kid can fall asleep anywhere and in the funniest positions. There are tons of pictures! But I just thought it was too funny, I had to post them. I would say over half of these pictures were taken in the last month or two. The rest were within the last six months! In no particular order...
This one was right after we took her crib down! At least she is on the pillow!
She just looks so sweet here. This is after we got her toddler bed. I love that she is still covered up and has a book!
We can't forget the sick/low blood sugar, fall asleep on the stairs picture. Just pathetic!
Mid hamburger in the car!
While camping. Everyone is right outside this tent playing.
In the middle of the living room.
At Nana's house in the living room. Seriously I don't know how she can just crash! I love the kicked back feet in it!
This one amazes me. On the tile! Really!!
This was the other day. She was missing and I find her on the landing just out!

In the middle of a movie.

Eliott walked in and found this one a week or so ago.

How comfy is that arm!!

Again, in the middle of the living room. when she goes she just goes!!
I have no idea how she does it. I have never had a kid that will fall asleep like this!!
And that is all!!
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