Thursday, April 29, 2010

OH Riley!!

Some of you have already seen this on Facebook but I couldn't resist blogging about it too.

So I get a call from Riley's teacher yesterday. (not in love w/ her) So this is how the conversation went
Teacher: I saw Riley Rae (cuz she renamed my child) flashing money to some friends on the playground
Me: (thinking okay lady that's odd but really worth a call home??) Okay
Teacher: When I got closer to her I noticed it was a hundred dollar bill, so I took it from her. I asked her where she got it and she said she got it from home. Where at home? and she says Where my mommy keeps her money. So I told her "your mom is not very happy w/ you right now" And then I took it from her. I will keep it and give it to you after school
Me: (during the beginning of her story I run over to my pickle jar and sure enough my 100 was missing!!!!!) Thank you soooo much!!

So after school I go to get the kids and this is how it went
Riley: why are we waiting here?
me: your teacher has something of mine that I need to get back
Riley: what does she have?
Me: what do you think Riley?
Riley: I don't know
Me: did you take something of mine today that she took away from you?
Riley: oohhh umm I am too scared to tell you

So I get my money back and on the way to the car I start asking some simple questions
Me: So Riley why did you take my money?
Riley: Oh! I wanted a cookie!!

A COOKIE!!! My 5 year old stole $100 to buy a 25 cent cookie!!!!!!!

What the Heck!!!!
Oh how I love that girl and Love her even more because my money came home safe and sound!!!

And for those curious minds that want to know what happened to her...
We decided since she really didn't have a concept of the amount of money she stole we would just use consequences to fit the crime of taking something that didn't belong to her.
We go babysit for a friend on Wednesday and the kids have to do what they are supposed to do at school in order to come and play with us. So since she didn't do what she was supposed to do during the day she had to sit next to me at the park and she was allowed a pen and a piece of paper. But she kept moving and I had to keep reminding her to sit back down. So that really drained my energy so when we got home she had to clean a bit to make up that energy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Farewell Doggie...

So when Seth was born he had a brown mole like birth mark on his left ankle area. (see that little brown spot?)

So when he was little he called it his "doggie" we have no idea why but it stuck and has been known by that name forever!! It grew with him and it just made me slightly nervous and every year they measured it and told me that it would most likely have to come off at some point so we decided that point was now!! So a couple weeks ago he had it taken off. I had mentioned doing it a couple years ago and he about flipped out so I was curious to see how he would react. To my surprise he was excited!! This is the morning of the surgery.

It took about 20ish minutes to do the surgery. He was put out for it too which was weird. They said if he was older they would do it in office but he wasn't so they didn't! He actually did really really well with it all! He usually is a weepy kid after coming out of anesthesia but there were no tears this time. He did however refuse to talk because he knew he would cry! He is doing really well with it. It is kinda gross cuz it dips in, in the middle but he doesn't seem grossed out at all. He will even ask you if you want to see it so you don't get grossed out.
And with that I will say, "farewell doggie..."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Let's give this another go....

Well I honestly can't say what happened to me! For starters I am going to un-private my blog with this post. I am hopefully going to keep up, cuz really it is just lame to have a blog and not post!! Sorry! I don't even know if anybody even checks this anymore. Oh well! It will be good for me!

Okay so it would be way to insane to try and update my entire year, especially with pictures. So I am going to basically give you a blown up version of a Christmas card letter and highlight the big things with each family member. And then hopefully I will just keep it up!

Eliott: Well in these hard times we LOVE that he has a job. He still works for the same place and doesn't hate it. So that is a bonus. He doesn't change too much so that is pretty much it for him!!

Me: Well I am Loving living in the valley again!! I love love love our ward and have met some incredible people to add to the list of people I call friends. I get to work with the laurels and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I got to go to girls camp last year and had a blast!!! Life is pretty much the same as it always is, I get 4 people dressed everyday and take those 4 people where they need to be, feed those same 4 people plus, clean up after those 4 people and love on those 4 people! I love my job!!!

Seth: He is in second grade and I love his teacher she is fantastic. He loves it too. He started taking piano lessons from a good friend of ours and loves that too! He turned 7 while we were away from the blog world. He had his adnoids out in February and can breath and hear soooo much better!!! Last week he had his 5th surgery and had his birthmark removed.

Riley: Loves Loves Loves kindergarten. Her teacher has renamed her and has "Riley Rae" on everything around the room that needs her name. Yes that is her name but I didn't intend on her being called that. It is kinda our thing. So we I go to the school I hear all this little kids saying bye to "riley rae". In October she kept complaining her leg hurt so after she crawled up a little incline into the school I decided to take her to the dr. to see what was up. Well she was diagnosed with perthes. Basically it means the head of her femur is dying. The blood supply gets cut off, but they don't know why and the bones starts to die. But eventually remolds itself. So in the mean-time We have to keep her from doing anything that could cause the head of the femur to collapse. So no high impact anything. Ever try to keep a 5 year old from running or jumping? It's been a little difficult and we have had some issues w/ her teacher. We were told it would be 9ish months before she could run or jump again. But we had an appt last week and were told that she really has 3-5 YEARS before she can run or jump!!! (the 1st doctor most likely gave us the length of time for the first stage, stupid man!!) So yep it is pretty sad.
On the upside of things, she can swim and ride a bike. She learned how to ride her 2 wheel bike over spring break and loves it!!! It was a bit rough going for a bit for my little shrimp. We ended up having to buy a littler bike just so she could learn how to start since her bike was a bit tall for that. Now that she has that down she rides her bigger one all the time! She is too cute on it!!

Lexi: Ah Lex! she is such a funny girl w/ such a funny personality and great sense of humor!! Not much happens with her. She is a bit sad w/ everybody in school (lyddie started last month) She is trying sooo hard to learn how to ride a 2 wheeler bike just like everybody else. But man alive her bike is soooo short and my back is killing me!!! But she gets sooo excited I can't say no!! So if you see me walking around like an 80 year old, you'll know why!!

Lydia: well Lydia still doesn't talk. She tries, sometimes, but nobody can understand her. So we had her tested and finally got her in the preschool for her speech. She gets to ride the bus everyday and they come to my house to get her too! I love it, she loves it!! She has only been going for about 3ish weeks and already she is trying to say more things. It is simply fantastic!!!

Wow this was long, if you made it through, you are a true friend!!! I might go back and add pictures (they are on the other computer)

Alright, friends, here's to blogging!!!