Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A little behind

Well a few months ago we went to get Lexi's ears pierced but the lady told us she wouldn't do little girls unless there were 2 people there. She would do it but if Lexi move after the 1st side, she wouldn't do the second side. Well I wasn't willing to risk the whole no moving thing, cuz come on what 3 year old sits perfectly still while some stranger pokes something through her ear. So when we left we told Lexi if she could dress herself for a week straight we would take her back to get them done. Well since she didn't know how long a week was, we were able to milk it for a while. And she would always tell us everytime she got dressed "I did it by myself, now I can gets my earrings peered"
So a couple weeks ago we went and got her earrings peered. She did soooo good. She just whimpered a bit shed a tear or two and that was it!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Petal Party

While blog hopping one day, I came across such a fun idea. A petal party! What you do is have everyone bring one bouquet of silk flowers and an embellishment for the center. Then you just switch and trade and make a bunch of flower clips! So I decided to have a petal party. I invited some girls from my new ward and sent out cute little invitations. The only bad part was I had planned it on the last day of school and didn't realize it until the invitations were all done. So most of them couldn't make it. But tons have said they want to do. So in the near future I will do it again. We had tons of fun and one of the girls stayed until 2:30 and we just talked and talked. It was such a fun way to get to know some people. Anyway, I made like 17 clips. Now I love to wear them in my hair, or add them to a bag. It is seriously so fun!
This yellow and pink one is so pretty, but I haven't found anything to wear it with yet. but I will, oh yes, I will!!
I think this orange one is my all-time favorite! It is so fun and bright, I love it!! I have even worn it a few times already!

At girls camp I got a cute hat and put a different flower in it each day. The girls all loved the flowers so now we are doing flower clips for our laurel activity this week! Check out the sparkles. One of the girls I invited that couldn't come gave us some stuff to use. This glittery stuff was called sickles. and it was soo fun! So I had to go out and get some!

New scrap area!

So I got a new scrap/craft desk. I was going to make it but decided on this route instead. At Micheal's you can get these cubes and mix and match them to make what you want. So I went and picked them up. One at a time, so I could use my 40% off coupon. Then I went to home depot and got the shelf material and had them cut it to size so that I could just lay it on top. And wala, a perfectly custom area!!! I am so in love!

Check out the inside of the drawer. I have 2 of those!! Awesome!!
And the cute little hutch thingy. With the awesome ribbon holder! It is sooo perfect!
I seriously love my new little station. It makes me want to craft. It is nice to have room for my awesome cutting machine, my computer and lamp and then still have room on my desk for the crafting!
I am a happy girl!