Friday, February 29, 2008

Last week...

So Eliott went to Florida last week which was a long week! Seth had to get tubes in his ears. We went and stayed the night at my mom-in-law (thanks sooooo much!!!) . She watched the girls for me while I took Seth to get his ears fixed! I was soooo excited for this to happen as he had a hard time understanding us. He had fluid behind both ear drums so it sounded like people were talking underwater. It was so frustrating because he would pass the hearing test w/ flying colors but that was only because he knew he was supposed to be listening otherwise it was all funny background noise. Anyway we had to get up and be at the surgery center at 7:00

So we got there and there was this fun magnet board on the wall and Seth had so much fun playing w/ it. This is the "car" he made.

Then we went back to get all checked in and he got to pick the flavor of the mask that he would wear as he fell asleep. And he picked cotton candy. When they took him back it was a little sad to sit in the waiting room by myself. I am glad it only took 15 minutes!! When the Dr. was done he came out to talk to me and he just had this "look" on his face and he starts saying in a very subdued voice "he had a tonnnn of fluid behind his ears" and then paused. I was waiting for him to tell me he ruined something and he would never hear again but then after he paused he finished w/ "so he should be much more comfortable now" (man buddy work a little on the bedside manner!)
Anway he was so sad when he woke up but it only lasted for an hour or so and then he was great!! And now he can hear really well.

In fact on the way back to my house I was talking to Eliott on the phone and Seth corrected something I had said. He was never able to hear that before!! (Which makes me glad for all the times I was having a conversation that he probably shouldn't have heard!!)


I have so many other posts that I want to do but I need to upload pictures so this one will have to do for now!

A.The rules of this game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the question about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, and then leaves a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog to get the directions.Questions:

10 yrs ago:
*I was about to turn 18 and I was a senior in high school. I worked and went to school. Besides all the drama, I loved high school!

5 Things on my list of things to do today:
*Work out
*Get dressed
*Make posters for Enrichment activity

Things I would do if I suddenly was a Billionaire:
*Buy a new house
*Buy a new car
*Buy houses and/or cars for siblings
*I would have to go on a crazy shopping spree for sure
*save save save!

3 of my bad habits:
* I bit the skin off my lips
*I procrastinate
*I interrupt people when they are talking (sorry I don't mean to do this but I just talk so much that it only takes a small pause (this could mean taking a breath) for me to think you are done and start in on my story) I am trying to work on this.

Places I have lived:

Jobs I have had:
*Buskid at restaurant all through high school
*Asst. Manager at Togo's (best sandwich place ever!!)
*Temp at an accountant firm
*Receptionist/slash fill in for everybody at the office at a payroll company
*MOM!!! This one rocks!

Things most people don't know about me:
*I am left handed (do you know that?)
*I can't say or hear the difference between an "e" and an "i" when you say ten or tin or anything like that (made it fun while trying to help Seth w/ his homework dealing w/ that very thing)
*I can't really think of things people don't know sorry!

Okay I tag...
I don't know, lots of you have done this so if you haven't then I tag YOU!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


So last night was scrapbook night and the place we go has another ward that meets there also. Well the other ward got their Fridays confused and we all met last night. Which was great because there were 2 girls that were talking about a retreat they went on last year and how they are going again next year. So of course I had to get in on that conversation and it sounded fabulous. So... I just booked my reservations at the place. It is called Mountains and Memories, it is in Colorado and you go Fri-Sun, they give you your own space w/ a comfy chair and lamp so you can scrapbook all weekend. Then they feed you all weekend, w/ unlimited snacks and beverages and they even pointed out that they have lots of chocolate! Oh I am soooo there! The best part was that it is only $225, which is a fabulous price for a scrapbook retreat! Oh I can't wait it will be sooooo nice!
Anyway that is my fun and exciting news!!

(There are still spots left if anyone wants to go. They fill up fast though! We go in January of 09)

Friday, February 15, 2008

What a bummer!

So Eliott and I have this deal where he surprises me and plans our anniversary date and I do the same for Valentine's day. Well that last few years we have had to stay in due to young babies. This year I decided we were going out!! I arranged a babysitter 2 weeks ahead of time and even made sure she could be out a little late due to it being a school night. Then I had a friend pick up some movie tickets for us (he gets them at discount and I can't stomach spending almost $10 to watch a movie, for each of us) and our Rubio's just opened so we were going to eat there. Such a fun evening planned, we haven't been to movie in forever!! and Eliott loves Rubio's! So at about 4:15 yesterday the babysitter's mom called to tell me she was sick. She had even called 2 other girls to see if they could come over. Well in the end I called all the girls in the ward that are old enough to babysit and either they couldn't come over or they didn't answer. So I told Eliott we should just go get dinner and rent a movie we could still have fun! So we did, we loaded up the kids drove to town got McDonald's for the kiddos, went to Blockbuster for us and then we went to Rubio's. So I went in to grab the food and it took 35 minutes just to get my food made! Meanwhile Eliott is in the car w/ all the kids! (gotta say I am glad I didn't know what I wanted to eat cuz I wouldn't have wanted to trade places w/ him!!) So we get home, get everybody to bed and start eating dinner. Yep the chicken in my salad was raw! well some of it was cooked but I am pretty sure I ate a piece that wasn't cooked all the way and then I poked one with my fork and held it up for inspection and it was definitely not cooked all the way! So nasty! So the wonderful husband he is offered to go back out and get me something but I declined. I thought I might have cereal until I realized there was no milk. Fabulous! So I had a romantic bowl of dry Cheerios!
But I did have a fabulous time watching a girl movie w/ my hubby! Whoo Hoo! Great Valentine's Day!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Baby is 1!

Lydia had a birthday on Friday. She turned 1 and I gotta say I am a little sad my last baby is 1! Oh well I just have to remind myself I don't ever have to be prego again and I can always borrow my friends' babies. (oh yeah this is about Lyddie...) Okay so we had her little "party" (if you can call it that) on Sunday. We had a few family come over for dinner and dessert. This was not Lyddie's first time eating cake (she stole cake from the kids a few months back and was shoveling fist fulls into her mouth) and she ate it like a pro!

She didn't even hesitate she grabbed the whole thing and starting shoving it in her mouth. It no time flat she had made a mess of herself and the cake was gone! But she loved it!

Look at those big ol' eyes. She just gets me!!

And then on to the presents. True to Lyddie form she put it in her mouth, because that is where every thing goes. She got a little baby doll w/ plastic hands and feet to chew on. And Aunt Carly got her the cutest little swimsuit!!!

The little stinker wouldn't stand up for a picture though. But she does look stinkin' cute if you ask me!
Anyway that was the day. We had fun and she had fun. The end!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cute Little Riley...

So I have been so excited to get the girls' ears pierced, but we decided to wait until they wanted them. So I have been randomly asking Riley for the last 9 months or so if she wants her ears pierced. I explained that it would hurt a little so when she was ready for that to let me know. So whenever I would ask her she would think for a minute and then say "umm, not yet". It was so cute and of course I couldn't force her so I waited. Well yesterday I asked again and she thought for a second and then said "YES"!! Oh I was so excited, because of course everything is all about me! So anyway we got ready and headed up to the mall for the fun event! (So this picture above is before)

When we got to the store she just ran up and jumped up into the chair she was soooo excited!

Well as soon as the gun made the noise and shot the earring in, she lost it. I think she might have forgotten the whole part about it hurting. So of course she jumped out of the way so that ear is still a little sore. And of course she cried.

So I had to get in the chair and hold her head so the lady could do the other side. It was so sad and I felt a little barbaric but she couldn't have only one earring. So she managed to get them both. And they are pink just like she talked about wanting the whole morning.

And here she is 1 necklace, 1 bracelet, and 2 pretzel sticks later. Smiling and loving her cute little earrings. As we were walking around the mall she would bust out in this little dance/skip/walk thing and just look at me and say "I have earrings!" She is so cute.
Wish me luck on the next 6 weeks of cleaning them. She is not loving that so much but one word about taking them out will make her hold still long enough to clean them. I think it will get old though 3 times a day for 6 weeks. But she looks so cute!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Time for a new post!

Okay so in January I was in kind of a blogging funk. But I am coming back this month. I thought I would start the month off w/ my goober Lyddie. We were sitting in our room the other day when she discovered the mirror. It was so cute so I thought I would share. (it is a little dark but you can still see her!)