Sunday, December 14, 2008

Funny Seth!

I have a friend whose 3 year old is sick and in the hospital so I got to watch her 2 month old baby today. Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love love love that age (and younger) where they just sleep cuddled up on your chest. AAHHH it is heaven to me. So I spent the whole time just snuggling w/ her. And it was just as good as I remembered. And of course all of my kids LOVED her. They all took turns holding her and holding the bottle while I fed her. It was all very very sweet. So after Eliott came home from church, he and I were talking and I said something to the effect of "we like babies in this house" and Seth busts in w/ "LITTLE babies" so we had a good laugh about that. and then when a friend came to pick her up from our house she brought over some goodies. After she left and tears were shed by Lexi (because the baby left) I told her, "but look she came and took the baby but she brought us some cookies!!!" and Seth says "wow, we made a good trade mom!!"

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dad is out of town

I have a friend that has a husband that goes hunting, so while he is gone they have a good ol' time and go shopping and watch movies and such. Well I am not that cool. Eliott went out of town early Monday morning. This is how my day went. I had to call the insurance to make sure Seth's insurance really became active today because they put him on a different plan than the rest of the family and by the time I called them they couldn't fix it till December 1st. So after that I called the dr. because he has major goopage draining out of his ear. So I can't get in until 1:30 so I decide to take the kids to the library and then to get a burger so that we didn't have to sit at home and wait for nap time to come and go w/out taking naps. So I did kinda score the good mom points w/ the library trip and the mcdonald's run. So after they play for a little bit, we go to the dr. And some how my kids manage to be the best behaved kids EVER!! We get in there and there is a massive line so I have them all sit on a bench in the sign in area and wait for me to get through the line. They all sat there for about 15 minutes w/ out fighting or complaining. They simply put on the best little faces and had conversations w/ the other people in the room. So once we get into the waiting room they wait patiently and watch the movie. Then we get called back to the area were they check your measurements and what not and this is how they sit. I tell you perfect!! Then we go to the exam room (I know seriously a ton of rooms) and we wait mostly nicely for the dr. to come by playing "I spy" and "rock, paper, scissors" (which is always funny to play w/ lex cuz she says "I spy something... your shirt" or some other object. and w/ rock paper scissors, she is always scissors and scissors always wins)
Then we go to leave and Riley loses it. She had been so great, they all had and she just melts down. It was fabulous!! Oh well, it was great while it lasted and I have pictures to prove the perfectness!!
So the deal w/ poor pathetic seth is: he started this yucky drainage thing later in the day on friday. But it wasn't too bad and knowing he changed insurance on monday I just didn't want to deal w/ it. Well the goop got thicker and greener. Serious nasty stuff here. So he had a bad infection that caused so much pressure it caused his ear drum to rupture. Poor kid!! And to top it off, he has a cough that won't quit and a fever tonight. So I had to call our home teachers to come over and give him a blessing since Eliott is still out of town. But thankfullly he gets home tomorrow!! Wahooo!!! So much for trying to be a fun mom when dad leaves town!! At least I hit the library!

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