Friday, September 26, 2008

super saturday

So I am enrichment leader in my ward and we have super saturday coming up so I thought I would post our projects (email me if you want to do one and I can hook you up!!) (super saturday is October 25th and the money is due by the 15th)

Personalized soap. Teacher, Christmas, and Friend ($1.50 each)
Super cute collage frame, it will be 16X20 bring your own ribbon for $13 or we will bring ribbon for $17 there will be white brown and black paint

Glass etching, bring your own dish ($3.00)
Child size apron ($2.50)

These are paper mache letters, they come already black and stand on their own (the F needs to lean on the A) and they are 8 inches tall ($15 w/ paper and embellishments $12 w/out)

This is a cute calendar. There is vinyl on the back and your write on the front w/ a dry erase marker ($23.50)

the bottom block is about 10 inches long ($9.50)

This is a double sided decoration (one side Christmas the other Thanksgiving)($6)
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seth's B-day Bash!

So I am not gonna go and rearrange all these pictures so my story will go backwards!

Seth had a birthday a week and a halfish ago. He is 6! Crazy. Anyway we started out the day w/ 2 friends of his choice and an activity, I will go into that more at the bottom by those pictures. So he asked me for a Transformer cake for his b-day. Well let me tell you I like to think of my self as somewhat crafty but I am not artistic by any means. Whether it be a pencil, paintbrush or frosting, I can't draw. Soooo this was a job for Eliott!! He made 2 cakes and cut out the 2 guys in the middle and all the corners so it was 3-d ish. I guys the guys are the logo for the good transfomrer and the bad ones. I think he did a smashing good job (much better than anything I could have pretended to do!) and Seth absolutely loved his cake!

So after we had our morning of fun the evening was a family party and cake and presents and what not! He had a blast got tons of stuff that he doesn't need but loves and was appropriatley spoiled!
I do have to say this is the coolest thing ever! Eliott's mom and hubby made him a "treasure box" it has a lock on the front so nobody can get in but him (and of course us). She even lined the inside. Anway it is fabulous and he loves it and now he can keep all his treasures away from his sisters! Yay no more scratched cd's!!
So my new thing for b-day's is that the kid gets to pick 1 or 2 friends and then pick an activity to do. I just think the family party is the thing that will last and that way the family that wants to come, doesn't get uninvited just cuz they have friends over, and they don't have to come to a party where we do kid activities. Anyway, it worked really well this year so I think I will stick w/ it. So when I asked Seth who he wanted to invite he told me he wanted to invite Gabe and Carter since he asked Parker and Mathew last year, he thought the other 2 would like a turn! (I have such a sweet boy!) So we decided on bowling. I called the bowling alley in town and they told me they opened at 10:00 and no they weren't busy at that time on saturday mornings and no they couldn't reserve me a lane. So I figured it was fine so we went and picked up 2 VERY excited boys and get to the bowling alley only to be told that it is league time and there are no lanes. Well every lane was empty and they were still signing people up for leagues but he said we couldn't bowl until 1:00. So LaMe!! Let me tell you it put me into the worst mood! But luckily the boys were just as excited about Peter Piper. So we went and bought a ton of tokens and let them loose! They had tons of fun and got tons of cheesy prizes.

and of course they thought they were so funny to ride the tractor! It was hilarious watching them.
They all 3 picked vampire teeth and had to model them for us!
After we were done at Peter Piper we went to McDonalds and had lunch and then took the boys home. So all in all I think he had a ton of fun and was way spoiled! I can't believe my boy is 6!!
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