Sunday, May 10, 2009


Lately I've been missing this lady
I''ve been missing the innocence of her
I've been missing the laughter
I've been missing the loveI've been missing the grandma
I've been sad that none of my kids will remember her
I've been missing the person she is

I miss my mom! And on days like this it makes it worse!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sleepy Lyddie

Okay this kid can fall asleep anywhere and in the funniest positions. There are tons of pictures! But I just thought it was too funny, I had to post them. I would say over half of these pictures were taken in the last month or two. The rest were within the last six months! In no particular order...
This one was right after we took her crib down! At least she is on the pillow!
She just looks so sweet here. This is after we got her toddler bed. I love that she is still covered up and has a book!
We can't forget the sick/low blood sugar, fall asleep on the stairs picture. Just pathetic!
Mid hamburger in the car!
While camping. Everyone is right outside this tent playing.
In the middle of the living room.
At Nana's house in the living room. Seriously I don't know how she can just crash! I love the kicked back feet in it!
This one amazes me. On the tile! Really!!
This was the other day. She was missing and I find her on the landing just out!

In the middle of a movie.

Eliott walked in and found this one a week or so ago.

How comfy is that arm!!

Again, in the middle of the living room. when she goes she just goes!!
I have no idea how she does it. I have never had a kid that will fall asleep like this!!
And that is all!!
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So fun!

So my bookshelf it overflowing and I decided I wanted another one. Well my friend Wendy had her hubby make her one. And it turnded out so great that I wanted one too. So since Steve is such a GREAT guy he said he would make if for me. So he made it and I got it a few weeks ago

but finally had the chance to paint it last week. Here it is is! I love it and it turned out great! It fits exactly the way I wanted it to. Now I want to makes shelves and tables for every room!! I even got the baskets I wanted on sale at Ikea. And the cute little box on top matches the colors I just got for decorative pillows for my bed! It is just so fun! Now I just need to add my books! Thanks Steve!!
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