Monday, July 30, 2007

Tagged, I guess I'm it!!

You know the drill. Copy, fill in your answers and tag 4 friends.

4 jobs I've had
1. Bussed tables during High School (Eliott laughs because I always told him I was a Buskid)
2. Assistant Manager at a Togo's (sandwich shop)
3. Temp at an accountant firm
4. Payroll Company (these are my only jobs ever, weird)

4 Movies I can watch over and over
1. Music and Lyrics
2. Raising Helen
3. Ever After
4. Pride and Prejudice

4 Places I have lived
1. St. George Utah
2. Wickenburg, AZ
3. Mesa, AZ
4. Arizona City, AZ

4 Guilty Pleasures
1. Reading
2. Crafty things, scrapbooking, sewing and stuff!
3. Shopping (if we are pretending we have money and time for these things!)
4. Doing nothing during nap time

4 TV shows I watch
1. Office
2. Scrubs
3. What Not to Wear (when melissa gives me burned copies of it)
4.That's it, I don't have cable and all my other shows are done.

4 Places I have been on vacation
1. Catalina Island
2. Paris
3. Utah (of course, I'm LDS)
4. Italy

4 Favorite Foods
1. Olive Garden Soup and Salad
2. Pizza
3. Good Yummy Deli Sandwiches
4. Bread

4 websites I visit
1. Blogs
2. People
3. Craigslist
4. Ebay

4 Places I'd rather be right now
1. Hanging with my mom
2. A fun prepaid Family vacation
3. With my hubby
4. Wickenburg is always fun for me

4 Books you love
1. Gotta love the Harry Potter books!
2. Twilight (so good!)
3. I love the cheesy LDS Romance novels (I know, I am a goober!)
4. One Tattered Angel

4 things you would like to know how to do
1. Master Photo Shop
2. I would love to learn how to cut girls hair
3. Have the self-discipline to lose weight
4. Be more confident

4 neglected body parts
1. Feet
2. Muscles
3. Hands
4. Nails

4 things that you worry about
1. Raising my kids well
2. My dad
3. Eliott commuting (I try to block that one though)
4. Money

4 happy moments
1. Hearing my kids laughing and playing together
2. Watching my kids love my dad
3. Seeing how happy the kids are when I come home
4. Marrying Eliott and the births of my 4 sweet kiddos

4 things you want to do this year or in the future
1. Run a marathon
2. Take a fun family vacation
3. Take a cruise w/ just my hubby (and somehow feel somewhat cute in a swimsuit!)
4. When everybody is in school I would love to go back to school!

4 people I'm tagging
1. Kristine
2. Nichole
3. Erica
4. Everyone else who reads this (come on just do it, you know you want to!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lyddie Girl!

So here is my pretty Lyddie! Well everyone knows how hectic "blessing day" is so we always take a family picture on the day and then when my sweet baby smiles I like to dress her up again and take pictures. Here is that beautiful picture. I was a little worried however that she wouldn't fit in the dress, since she is now 20lbs, but she did! I was so happy. This is a dress that my mom made before she passed away. I would have been so sad not to have a picture of my sweet Lyddie dressed in it. This second one is just a cute one I got after I changed her outfit. We had so much fun during our "photo shoot" in the living room!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Seth Lost A Tooth!!

So 2 weeks ago Seth told me that Lexi pulled a toy out of his mouth and broke his tooth. Well upon further inspection I discovered his tooth was simply loose. He has his permanent tooth coming in already behind it.

On Saturday he told Eliott that it hurt a little so after a bit of wiggling, he lost his 1st tooth. He was so excited and the tooth fairy even brought him a dollar. Fun day!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Big Girls!

Riley Turns 3!!!
Riley had her birthday almost 2 weeks ago. She is now a big
3 year old! We had some family over for a little shin-dig. We played in the pool and had way too many presents. She is truly a girly girl and loved every piece of bling that she got. She had been asking me for weeks to have balloons and a butterfly cake, so she got her wishes along with things she didn't even know she wanted. She loved trying on all her new clothes and playing with her new toys.

By the end of the day she was worn out but wouldn't part with her fun stuff so she took it all to bed like a true goober! We love that crazy kid!!

Lexi Goes To Nursery!
So after 5 months of having 2 babies not in nursery, we finally got to enjoy a Sunday with just one. Lexi went to nursery last week and loved it. Whenever I would peek through the door she would be standing there sucking her thumb or playing with the toys. She was cute. She didn't cry and just walked right in. I'm sure it helped to have Riley in there with her. Eliott was a little sad, he has had Lexi for all of church since she was 4 months old. They were church buddies and she would always cuddle with him on Sunday so it was a little bittersweet for him. But I say YAY!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Hike!!

So I had this awesome opportunity to go on a hike with 3 of my 4 brothers and 4 other guys. It was a blast. Yes I was the only girl. Which really wasn't that bad. I was a little worried how that would go, but my brother's father-in-law was the only one that was a wimp and grossed out by my having to go to the bathroom. It was kinda funny.
So this hike was in the Paria Canyon. It is on the border of Utah and Arizona, near Page. It was 50 miles and we did it in 6 days. It was so much fun. It is gorgeous country. The canyon walls the first 2 days were so close you could touch both walls at the same time for most of the 24 miles. It was crazy pretty. We had to walk through muddy water holes, and climb over, around, and through huge boulders that were stuck in the canyon. It was definitely an adventure. Most of it was through sand too. So it was pretty tough hiking. I carried all my own stuff. My pack weighed in between 40-45 depending on how much water we had to carry. I even had to set up my own tent (which I never have had to do before so I was pretty proud of myself!!) There is this one part where the boulders have created a "boulder jam" so there is a rope tied at the top and you have to lower your pack down and then repel down. That was sooo fun! So after the first grueling day, that was supposed to be only 8 miles but really ended up being 12 miles, the question for everyone was, "would you do it again?" That day and every day after my answer was always the same. "Heck yes I would!!" And now 12 blisters, 50 miles, 1 case of near heat exhaustion, and a sore knee later my answer is still "heck yes" I had a blast and am so grateful for that opportunity! I wouldn't have been able to do it though, without the help of my awesome friends, Kristine and Melissa and my wonderful hubby who all took care of my adorable kids! Thanks to you guys and to my awesome brothers who included a "girl" on their hike!