Monday, August 25, 2008


I am it! This tag goes like this...

7 things Jen would never say:

Scrapbooking is stupid, and I especially hate scrapbook night

I have all the patience in the world

I never need a break from my kids

I hate food!!

Whoever invented chocolate is such a moron.

I don't like crafts at all.

I hate shopping especially when I have money for clothes

7 things Eliott would never say

I love shopping, especially when Jen makes me try stuff on.

Chicken for dinner AGAIN, gross.

I love my 2+ hours of commuting time

I hate chocolate malts.

I am so stress free, it is amazing!

I hate fiddling w/ computers.

I hate when I come home and my kids all run up and grab my legs, what a pain.

Now it is your turn, everybody get ready, get set..... GO!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

About time!

It is about time! Lydia has decided to act her age and start walking!! Some of you might be thinking "well, of course she walks, she's old" but oh no she doesn't! She started taking some steps wednesdayish. And now she walks I would say about 60% of the time. Little enough that all the kids still get excited when she does it! But oh man I am soooo excited! She turned 18 months a weekish ago, so yes it is about time she did it! The video is sideways, sorry!! But her little giggle as she goes is too cute!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Update on my nastiness. I went to Urgent Care on wednesday. I don't really care for this particular doctor. We had been in once before and I remember thinking he wasn't much help. So anyway, he looks at my nastiness and tells me it looks infected. So he decides it is a staph infection. (he didn't test it which I thought was odd) But he did say it didn't look like MRSA. When he said that I remembered getting a paper about MRSA when I was in the hospital w/ Riley. And of course I didn't read it!! So I asked him if I could have picked this up at the hospital and he told me "you most certainly could have" So there you have it folks, a lovely souvenir from the hospital!! Don't ya love it!!

He did give me antibiotics for the staph and then another one that would kill anything else I might have picked up. And can I just say one of them I have to take every 6 hours. Who can honestly do that unless it is pain meds and you NEED them? So annoying!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Any guesses?

So it started yesterday. I got a couple little blisters. No idea how or what. It is the most bizarre thing. And they don't itch but they are super tender. I think I will have them checked out tomorrow but for now, does anybody have any guesses as to what the heck they are? They are just on my arms and hands. Tops of my hands and on both sides of both arms. but none above the elbow.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Whew what a week!

How many posts start out like that for me!! Okay so first of all Monday:
Seth started FIRST GRADE!! So weird!
So this year he gets dropped off the bus the same time as everybody else so he gets off at the bus stop instead of the house. So I asked him if he wanted me to wait for him at he stop and he said he could do it by himself. Same with walking to the bus stop in the morning. So I told him I would watch him from the yard and he informed me that he didn't want me to. But lucky for me I am the MOM!! So I pulled out the mom card and told him I could walk him or watch him. He chose watch. So off he went. He had a blast and so far is LOVING 1st grade.
And moving on...

So I think it started Sunday that Riley just wasn't feeling good. She had been complaining that her stomach hurt for about 2 weeks. But come Monday she started throwing up. So I took her in and she had lost a pound from her checkup a couple weeks ago. So that concerned me a touch since she only started at 32.4 pounds! So the dr. does a urine test and an x-ray and everything looks okay. So she assumes it is viral. My instructions were to not give her food and only give her pedialite for a day and see how she does. Well towards the end of the day I gave her a bite of a peach and up it came. I know stupid!! So Tuesday was more of the same, laying around totally limp. No food! And no going to the bathroom. So Wednesday she was still the same, couldn't eat anything. And she had only drunk one bottle of pedialite since monday morning, that is 1 liter. Not enough! So I take her back and she is now 29.7 pounds. Dehydrated. And still hurting tummy. So after talking to the dr. we have her admitted to the hospital for dehydration. She was soooooo sad! They of course had to give her an I.V. and then the dr. ordered blood work. Well she was dehydrated so she didn't have good veins to begin w/. and then to add that she apperatnly has my veins, which is no veins. It was so sad holding her while they did blood. She got poked so many times, in both hands and both elbow pits. Poor thing. And then the dr. wanted more blood!!(this is just one arm. all other entry points look the same or worse and now she has bruises all over)
Well we got there at about 11:30 Wednesday and we got to leave at about the same time on Thursday. The poor thing was soooo hungry. She hadn't eaten since Sunday at breakfast. She had a few bites of food here and there on Sunday but not a meal. So by the time they were drawing blood again on Thursday morning she just looked at me and started crying and saying she was soooo hungry! Broke my heart.
But on the upside of things: we had a ton of fun spending time w/ just the two of us, they didn't care if I slept in her bed, so we shared a bed, she got tons of attention and toys and she is feeling much much better now!(this was this morning in the sprinklers!)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Part 2

On Wednesday we headed over to Salt Lake to stay w/ my brother and his family for a few days. On Thursday we got to go to a beautiful lake called East Canyon. It was great!! My kids were so great! If any one has gone swimming w/ my crew, you know they are scared! (Except Riley seems to be pulling out of that phase) I couldn't believe it all 3 of them (the ones that can talk and walk!) wanted to ride on the tube and all wanted to go faster. And by the end of the day all of them would get in the lake to play. Except Lyddie of course. She just chilled on the boat the whole time. We actually made it 4 hours before we decided to call it a day!! After cleaning up the boat we headed over to the little store and had ice cream. It was a great day!

Then the next day we went fishing at a little park close to my brother's house. The kids had never been fishing before, so that was fun. Surprisingly though Seth got bored of it after nothing happened for a bit. And as soon as he went to play Riley caught a little blue gill. It was so cute! Then we headed over to the light rail. We rode the train into downtown to visit Temple Square. That was a ton of fun and really a great thing! We got to see 2 of the sister missionaries from our ward serving there. And the kids loved being at the temple.

Then on Saturday my brother watched the kids for us so we could go to Eliott's best buddy's wedding. Big Seth and Jane finally got married!! We couldn't be happier for them.

After the reception we headed home!! It was a long night but Eliott drove the whole time w/ the exception of a 25 minute catnap. The kids slept the whole way and we got home at about 8:30 in the morning. Driving all night was nice considering the kids but it took too long to recuperate! Where as driving all day but leaving early was fabulous and we didn't need to recoup from that.
Anway there you have it, our first family vacation!! (pathetic I know! but the last time we took the kids anywhere was to utah when seth was 8 months old!!)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Such a fun night

Okay I know that I am supposed to be finishing my vacation post but I just had to post this first. Like many others out there I love the Twilight books so when some friends invited me to the releasing of Breaking Dawn, I couldn't resist. A few of us met to scrapbook first and then at about 10ish we went to Ihop to meet some other girls and have way too much bad for your body food way too late in the day. But who could resist? We had so much fun then we went to walmart and chased the poor manager guy around the store waiting for him to find out where on earth we were supposed to wait. Poor guy! But seriously you would think he would have had that all figured out by then. There were about 12 of us in our group. And at least 20 others and one of the managers pretends that he is going to read off the last page. It wasn't pretty!I tried to steal pictures from Elissa's blog...but it didn't work so you can check them out over there. And yes I am huge dork but it was really late!!
Loved the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!