Saturday, February 19, 2011

love these girls

I took this picture a month or so ago but just came across it again. I love it!! I love how they all want to be close to each other. How they are the best of friends. How they protect each other. How they play together. How they love each other. I hope they can manage to keep the awesome relationship that they have as they grow.

Friday, February 18, 2011

the how

i guess i forgot to say how exactly the toe incident happened. so here is a little explanation for you. The bench is just a regular wooden bench for your dining room table. It doesn't have sharp edges on it or anything unusual. The best we can figure is that she was sitting w/ her knees bent and sitting on her lower legs. Riley told her they should tip the bench and then jumped off and Lexi must have tried to do the same and in the process pushed the bench harder/faster down. In the process it got her toe. Really just a random freak accident!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

quite the story...

This is a looooong post!! And at the end there are gory pictures fair warning!!!

So wednesday evening Eliott and I were sitting on the couch chatting when we hear the dining room bench fall over. Eliott starts to tell me how he is so tired of the kids messing around on it. At that point I hear the cry to change to one that encourages us to check out what happened. So right as I start telling Eliott he should check (cuz I don't do blood so if there is a cry that might indicate blood, it is his job!) Seth comes around the corner super white and just says "there's blood". So we jump up to check and there stands lex next to the bench w/ half of her toe barely attached to the rest of it. It all happened so fast after that. I ask Eliott if it was bad, he says yes, then I say ER? and he says yes. So I rush the kids 3 doors down to my friend (scare her to death w/ my crazy pounding on her door and trying to open it) when she opens it I just tell her lex chopped her toe off and she takes my kids inside. Meanwhile Eliott puts her toe back together and wraps it in a towel. I So we go to the pediatric ER and on the way we pray and Eliott gives lex a blessing and we sing primary songs. The only thing that could keep me somewhat calm was the primary songs. Whenever we would stop singing my whole body would start shaking again. So primary songs we sang! Since I don't do blood Eliott held lex on the way and I drove. Which we decided was a good thing since I didn't see all the blood, the toe hanging or her exposed bone. Eliott would have driven way crazier trying to get us there!!
So once we got there the first nurse looked at it right away and said it was cut pretty bad and that they would give her some pain stuff in the waiting room then pressure wrap it and take some xrays. Eliott tried asking her if she saw the toenail and she said thought it was somewhere in the towel. Well at that point we kinda started worrying that she didn't really know what she was doing. cuz if she couldn't see the toenail then she was looking at the inside of her toe because it was chopped off. Well we had to wait another 30-45 minutes to be taken into triage to have them pressure wrap it. When we got there a different nurse and a tech were looking at it and said that they couldn't pressure wrap it because it was a partial amputation. At this point I have lexi's head in my arms and my face right next to her singing her primary songs trying to calm her down and here they are throwing out the words "partial amputation". I am so glad she didn't really know what that meant, cuz the words alone were enough to freak me out!! So then we get put at the end of this hall waiting for the next room. After sitting there for another 30 minutes we get moved to a room. Then to another where we stayed till we got to go home. We were in the second room for another 30-45 minutes waiting for xrays, and dr. and whatnot. They finally came in and the dr. told us he would sedate her and sew her toe back together. The xray showed that she broke the bone on the very tip of her big toe. So after being there for about 2hrs they finally had her iv in and were starting to sedate her. She was awake but she had no idea what was going on. When I kissed her she didn't kiss back. Then we went to wait in the waiting room. When we were called back in she was starting to wake up and her toe was put back together!!! It was soooooo gross! I never saw it before it was stitched back together and barely looked at it when it was. There is about 1/4inch on the bottom of her toe that didn't get cut but that was it. So she has a stitch inside her toe and then a ring of stitches around it and one going through the nail. She has to be in a boot and can't walk for 4-6 weeks because of the broken bone.

She has been in such a good mood and hardly ever complains. We moved a twin mattress downstairs and that is her safe zone. I have been sleeping on it with her so I can help her in the night. And it about breaks my heart when she wakes up for medicine. She just rolls over and in a sad voice will say "mom, my toe hurts" so then we start the drug routine. She has been showered w/ love and gifts and is doing soooo well!!
This pictures was her being funny w/ Eliott on her safe zone!
We took her to the podiatrist and they unwrapped it for us. We didn't have a camera at the hospital and my phone battery was dying so it wouldn't take a picture. So we didn't get any before or during pictures. But here are the ones we took 36 hrs after. Eliott says it looks amazingly good considering what it looked like before. I didn't even really look at it at the podiatrist's yesterday. I caught a glimpse of it and that was enough for me! But oddly enough I can look at the pictures. They look sooooo much better than the actual toe. But it gives you an idea!

On the picture below you can see the part that doesn't have part of the black line going across there in the middle... That was the only part of the toe still attached.