Thursday, July 9, 2009

A visit to the dentist

Ah little X!! she has been dreading the dentist for a week. We had appts. yesterday and she had been crying for the whole week and telling me almost as much as she tells me she loves me (which is pretty much ALL day long!!), she would tell me that she didn't want to go to the dentist
So in the morning of the dreaded appt. We ran an errand and when we got back she just kept telling me she didn't want to go. So I tell her not to worry about it we are gonna go for a car ride. So we get in the car and after I made a couple turns she shouts "YAY this isn't the way to the dentist!!" (she has never even been to the dentist!!) So I keep driving. I get to the office and she asks where we are I tell her we should walk around the building and see where we end up. When we walked in the office she shouts to the waiting room "see this ISN'T the dentist office!!!"
Luckily none of the other patients pointed out how wrong she was and CJ (the receptionist and good friend) Says of course it isn't the dentist you just came to see me huh!!
Well after ALL the crying that Lexi did and Riley did her fair share too, We had no tears at all for the whole appt. Seth even went off by himself to have his teeth cleaned while I stayed w/ Riley!! And no cavities!!
It was fabulous!!!