Friday, January 16, 2009


Okay so it has been forever since I have posted but let me just say life is crazy!! Okay so everybody has a crazy life, well that is my excuse anyway. Well I missed posting about Christmas and Lexi's Birthday and all kinds of things but I will catch up later, well at least w/ Lexi's birthday. (cuz that would be just sad if I didn't even mention it ya know) Anyway, I haven't even put those pictures on the computer yet so that will have to wait. But I was feeling bad for not posting forever so I will put a few things up now...
Okay so my friend, Wendy (who I will miss hanging out in the halls with!!!) and I have been getting together at least once a week since the end of October to do some sort of craft. It varies what we do, but it usually includes good times, laughs, and the yummy ghetto mexican place right around the corner. So she brings her kids over and they all play. Some days are better than others as to whether or not the kids will all get along. But this day was too cute. I looked in the living room and they were all just sitting there watching a barbie movie. Riley and Beth were sharing a pillow and it was too cute!

And Kortney had this piece of toast that she would tear a piece off and put it on that little green plate and hand it to Lyddie to eat and then Lyddie would give her the plate back and Kortney would give her more. It was too funny! (Riley was happy I think she was annoyed I was interuppting her movie)
In other news... Lyddie LOVES to get her hair done. I was laying in bed reading and she came out of the bathroom w/ a brush and the hairspray and a big ol' goofy grin. She is too funny.
And she has enough hair to do 2 french braids. She seriously looks so stinkin' cute w/ them done, maybe I will take a picture for you all to enjoy!!
Oh and one other thing, we are moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited if you couldn't tell! That is all!