Monday, April 27, 2009

My funny boy...

I just love this kid...

We were just getting done w/ dinner tonight when Seth says...
Seth: Mom is this tooth big or little? (as he points to his tooth)
Me: Uh, it looks like it is little
Seth: Oh Good!
Me: Why?
Seth: Cuz it is gonna fall out

I love that he had to check to see if it was a permanent tooth before he told me it was loose!
The funny thing is, I kept laughing about it and he kept asking why I was laughing! He said he didn't know what he said that was funny!!

Silly Girl!

So I went out to the dining room where the girls were coloring and Lyddie was missing so I ask them where she is. Of course they have no idea so I go on a search. I glance up the stairs and see this...

She had completely fallen asleep. What a sweet baby! (she had eaten lunch so I know her sugar wasn't too low. which of course will be my thought every time I see this!!)

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Saturday, April 18, 2009


So Lyddie gave us a huge scare yesterday. It all started when I went to check on her at night. She has potty trained and managed to stay dry all night except in the morning when she gets up, she can't get to the toilet in time. (whooo hooo, totally fun news in the middle of a scary story!) So when I went to check on her she was a little wet, I didn't know if it was pee or if she had gotten wet from the sink (their latetest thing). So I took her potty and changed her and noticed she had white stuff in her hair. I couldn't figure out what it was and it didn't have a smell so I just didn't worry about it too much. Well then Riley came down in the morning and told me Lyddie was asleep on the stairs again, w/ a wet bum. So I go up to check on her and she barely even looks at me. And sure enough she is wet. So I get her up and start cleaning her up. I notice her bed was dry and the floor wasn't wet enough for her to have peed while laying down. So she got up wet her pants and then layed on the floor and fell asleep hard. So while cleaning her up she is like a ragdoll. She wouldn't hold any of her weight. It was difficult to try and get her dry after her bath and dressed! So at this point I kinda start freaking out. Thinking maybe she ingested something (remember the white stuff from las night!) So I call Eliott's mom and she agrees to watch the girls while I take her in. Luckily my dr.'s office got me in w/in 1/2 an hour so I didn't have to attempt the E.R. or urgent care.
When we get there he can't find anything wrong w/ her, except her extreme lethargy. She wouldn't even stand for him. I have never had such a rag doll. So he sends me for labs. We get there and she is supposed to give a urine sample. So we go attempt that. It was the hardest thing trying to hold this floppy girl on a tall public toilet while holding a cup under her and pleading w/ her to pee. I have to say that was the worst for me. I about lost it in right there in the bathroom. So when I finally gave up I had to work her floppy body back into her undies and shorts and then lay her on my purse so I could wash the toilet water off my hand. When it came time to give blood she just layed there she only whimpered once. It was heartbreaking. After that we went to my mother-in-law's to sit and wait for the results which the dr. said would be about an hour since he put them through STAT. So when we get there she ate an apple slice and some bannana and she started to perk up. I was nervous to give her anything to eat or drink in case she had ingested something, I didn't know what would be okay. But the dr. said it was unlikely that it was caused by ingestion after going over what things she had access to. (which made me feel better, but yet the unknown was still killing me) So she had some water and I finally managed to get a urine sample. So I ran that back to the lab and the guy there told me it wouldn't be until 2 or 3 before we had any answers. Oh great!! At this point I decide that I have had enough stress for the day so I went and pulled Seth out of school early (he had 1/2 day and only an hour left of that) since I didn't want to have to remember to get him or whatever! Well after a lot of back and forth between me and the dr.s office and the dr.s office and the lab. They finally told us at 2 that all the labs came back normal but the one the dr. really wanted, the glucose one. Well all day long all of us kept thinking it was going to be diabetes. She was showing every single symptom. It runs in my family and it just seemes like that was what it was going to be. Finally at 3 the dr. calls me and tells me that she is ketotic hypoglycemic. Her blood sugar was at 26 (normal levels between 70-150) and her CO2 was 15 (normal is 20-29). So thankfully she also had keotones in her urine. Because of that she fell into the hypoglycemia category instead of the diabetes category. It was such a relief!! So basically I need to make sure she has something in her tummy all the time. 6 small meals a day and make sure she has a carb snack before bed. THIS I can handle. Needles and shots and medicine every day all day, would have been a little much. So we are so grateful right now for our little hypoglycemic baby!!
And thinking back on things we can remember lots of times where she is unusually sluggish in the morning like this picture where she fell asleep 1/2 way down the stairs. I think at the time she might have had a cold and we contributed it all to that, but now we are thinking it might not have been just that.I think next week will bring an official diagnosis from a pediatric endocrinologist and hopefully some more info!
Just thought I would share our day w/ you!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Look What I Did!!

Okay so a week ago I was browsing craigslist and found a Bosch for sale. So I snatched it up real quick. It is old and faded but it works great! So I was super excited. So then I went and bought wheat and bread pans and stuff so I could use my "new" bosch to make bread! My awesome mother-in-law gave me her wheat grinder that she had had forever. I have had it for about 5 years or so and have never used it. I am one of those people that had no idea what to do w/ wheat. So I used it today and it worked great!! It was so fun! So I ground my wheat and made this yummy display of bread goodness. I was making spaghetti for dinner so I decided to do some breadsticks, and they were soooooo good! The girls even helped shape the breadsticks, aren't they pretty!! So anyway this was my domestic display for the day!
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