Monday, April 28, 2008

Funny Riley

So we got a new bishop last week his name last name is Dunne. During our prayers Seth is really good about asking for blessing for the prophet and bishop. Well Riley was saying prayers last night and said "please help bishop to be done" It was so funny Eliott and I had a hard time not laughing out loud! I love the things she prays for!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

What a sweet boy I have!

So we have had diahrea all week at our house, Lydia all week and Lexi and Riley off and on. So we have had quite a poopy week. We haven't really gone anywhere w/ the exception of the grocery store yesterday. So the kids are pretty much done being inside. Well Lexi woke up at 2 this morning burning up and w/ a horrible cough, so I am home from church w/ the sickos. Well Lexi kept whining and wanting to be held and when that happens Lydia gets way jealous so instead of fighting them today I decided to start putting away laundry. Well Lexi kept at it so I got her blanket and put her in her bed. Not to sleep just to relax, I didn't even close the door. Well while I was putting laundry in the baskets I thought I heard something so I grabbed the camera just in case I was right. Well sure enough when I turn the corner into her room there she is laying on her bed and Seth is reading her a book.
What a sweet boy. He sure has something for that girl (who am I kidding we all have something for her. she is a special little thing!) Anyway he is always protecting her and being her buddy. I absolutely loved that he noticed she was upset and tried to help her. They sat in there reading books for about 45 minutes. (Oh by the way Seth can read how fun is that!! If my other camera were charged I would have taken a video but a picture will have to do) Anyway I love love love my sweet boy!
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Friday, April 25, 2008

I hate to inform you...

Well friends I really hate to inform you but I have the best husband ever. Sorry it's true yours can come in 2nd! Well I went w/ some friends to California on friday and saturday. Pretty much just to shop and have some fun girl time. Well Eliott took friday off so he could watch the kids and then that night was the daddy/daughter campout so he took seth to one friend's house and lydia to another friends (thanks you guys!!!) and then took the other 2 girls camping. Okay so I get home on Saturday night and he has cleaned my house. I mean swept, mopped, vacuumed, dishes, did the camping laundry, given all the kids baths for church, washed the van, aired the van out. He even had time for his dad to come over so they could work on his car. I mean the guy did it all. It was such a fabulous weekend and then to come home to that was a dream!! So there you have it, he earns "husband of the year award" (although I think I might change that to husband of the week or day or something cuz he wins it alot and he asked me the other day, "since I have won that so many times this year can I stop?")
What a great guy! Love you Eliott and thank you sooo sooo sooo much!!!

It's a first!

So last week we were at the park and Riley fell off the bench and hit her knee. One of my friends kinda over-reacted because she thought she had hit her head. Well I didn't see anything on her head so after I calmed her down she went on playing. Well I was tucking her in for her nap and I noticed at her hair line she had a bloody gunky mess, so I cleaned it up and she went to sleep. Well I was think how if she had been angled any other way she would have hit it harder and ended up w/ stitches. Now it wasn't really that bad of a cut but I was just thinking how it could have been. Well I was telling a friend this on Sunday evening and how we have been lucky thus far. We haven't had to take anyone to get stitches. (you can see where I am going w/ this...) So after dinner Riley told Eliott she would take his plate to the kitchen for him, so as it is glass, he tells her to put it on the counter instead of the sink. So like the big almost 4 year old that she is, she did a marvelous job, then I say well here Riley can you take mine too. So she carefully gets it and on the way to the kitchen trips over a shoe! Yep she shattered the plate and sliced open her finger. She could not calm down and once we finally got her to calm down a little, we figured it out, she was more upset by breaking the plate than by the cut. She was so sad it was cute. So I took her to Urgent Care, which I gotta say was fabulous! I left at 7:40 and got home at 8:35. We live 15-20 minutes away! So since we have the magical medical advance of Super Glue, she got her finger glued back together. It has been an interesting week trying to keep her from bending her pointer finger on her right hand! So this was our first "stitches" and hopefully the last for awhile!
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Daddy Daughter Camp Out

So this last weekend was our ward's daddy/daughter outing. Eliott took Lexi and Riley. He left Lydia home on the account of the fatty not walking. He has a rule that they have to walk in order for him to take them camping. But the girls had such a blast! Riley was so funny, in almost every picture she is hugging or touching Lexi in some way. This was Lexi's first time camping and she looked like she had so much fun!

Riley has decided she is a big kid and tries to pick Lexi up. So she isn't trying to choke her but it looks like it!

So all in all they had a good time.

For those curious minds...

For those of you who are curious or have asked about it here are before and after pictures of my weight. The top one is obviously the before it was in November. And the bottom one is at 6:00 on Friday morning on my way out of town. So I look tired. Anyway I am pretty excited about it, it isn't the most flattering picture but I just wanted to take one since I really haven't since losing weight. Anyway there you have it!

Monday, April 14, 2008

So lately...

Alright so apparently I fell off the blogging planet. I haven't been around much and there is just simply no excuse for that! So I am back.
Okay let me update you on the things going on around here...
My "biggest losers" contest ended 2 weeks ago and w/ out sounding cocky I would like to announce... I WON!!! I lost 28 pounds in 12 weeks. Now before you start asking how, let me answer that, for the most part (I say most part because sometimes I would cheat) I stopped eating white flour and High fructose corn syrup. Which both are in everything!! But I somehow managed to get around that and still eat. I didn't really even exercise until month 3 or just before. But I lost the first 20 pounds in like 5 weeks which leads me to think, "how fat was I exactly?" oh well I don't need to worry about that weight anymore. Now on to the next 20-30 pounds. We started our competition again but this time we are only doing 8 weeks. So hopefully I can lose some more, and I am hoping w/ a shorter time frame that we can all be a little more motivated. I knew that competition drove me but I had no idea how much until this. It is great for me! Anyway enough w/ the fatty!

Last week I got to watch a baby for a few days, and I gotta tell ya, it was sooooo fun. I think I am a little crazy! He just fit into my day so well. So thanks Kristine for letting me have your baby for a bit. He was as sweet as could be!

It is amazing how much you think you have to blog about until you get here and then all your brilliant ideas go away. Oh well, I am sure I will think of more later!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Stinkin Cute Kits

I have finally managed to get this thing up and running, and am ready to start selling my "Stinkin Cute Kits". For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, I just opened an online scrapbooking kit site. What I am doing is putting together coordinating papers and embellishments into a monthly kit- all you have to do is order and scrap away! I am way excited about this. If you could be so kind as to pass the word along to anyone you know that might be interested in some stinkin cute scrapbook kits, it would be much appreciated! Feel free to pass this along to whoever and even post in on your blog if you feel so inclined (hint, hint that would be awesome!!). I need all the advertising I can get!

Thank you!!

By the way, you can find me at:

And if you are a scrapper don't forget to check out the design team page to find out how to apply to become a design team member and get a free kit!!!