Monday, October 4, 2010

weekend update

Friday - was a poopy day. I can't even tell you why, it just was. So I talked my fab sis in law in coming to the valley early and we went to dinner and a bit of shopping. First time at cheesecake factory which was good and yummy!

Saturday - would have been great if I had actually watched General Conference. As it was I knew we wouldn't be able to see all of the sessions uninterrupted so we had it on but were recording it and Eliott and I plan on watching it this week. So I made yummy frozen cookie dough balls dipped in chocolate. Seriously they are as good as they sound! I will post a picture of them and the recipe soon. I went to kohls to use my $10 off coupons and my 30% off coupons and got some christmas gifts for the kids which makes me almost done w/ their stuff! Whoo hooo! and I got a cute shirt and a pair of shoes and all of that for about $30 w/ my awesome coupons!! Then we went to a friends house to eat yummy food and attempt to watch conference.

Sunday - should have consisted of more conference but the youth in the ward were assigned to go visit Randolph. So up at 6 and outta here by 7. I have to admit I had kind of a bad attitude about it due to missing General Conference but I was trying to change that attitude. I had never been before and wanted to make it a good experience. And it was! it was actually amazing and I am so grateful to have had the chance to go. Next would come where I ran over my Ipod Touch. That was a sad moment. But it is still usable and doesn't look too bad. Then for 2nd session of confernce I slept. It's true I did! I was sooooo exhausted and again I am watching them all this week when the kids go to bed! Then we got to go to a Family Birthday dinner. which is always delightful. and the day ended w/ some craft blog hopping and a good night's sleep!!

And that my friends is pretty much my weekend. Not terribly exciting but that's life!!!