Friday, June 22, 2007

My fun laundry room!

Okay so I decided one night that if you have to do laundry, and we all do, that it should be as fun as possible. So I gave my laundry room a makeover a little bit ago. I painted it this way fun color (my brothers tell me it is the "fish bowl" room. And then I hung the baskets on the wall. So now I don't have laundry all over my floor anymore and I can sort it as it gets dirty. And to top it off, 1 full basket is a full load! so I know exactly when to do laundry, no half loads. Then I hung a cute curtain in front of it so I can pretend I don't have a mess when people come over. There is also a shelf on the right side to put my bleach and what not. Okay so cool baskets!
Next I had this weird empty space in the corner so I built some shelves into it. I put all my small kitchen appliances on it. Can I tell you I use them so much more while they are there? I love it. I also gave the kids a shelf for their crayons and markers and play doh and now they see it more often and use it more. To top it off I don't have to stop what I am doing to get it for them. And I put a small laundry basket under the bottom shelf for the "outside shoes" so now I don't have dirt clumps coming off shoes all the way through the house and we just keep the really dirty ones in there and the cute ones in the closet (the reason for this post is, a friend of mine had a good "after" method of laundry, you know folding and putting away, so I thought I would share my good "before method of laundry). Now if somebody could come and mop my house for me I will be all set! (And by the way I did this all by myself other than Eliott helping me hang the board that went behind the baskets on the wall! Just giving my self a little pat on the back! that's all!)Anyway that is all!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lyddie is a big girl now!!

So Lyddie is a big girl now in two senses of the word. She now weighs 18.5 pounds! So I thought she was a little small and needed to grow more so we started her on cereal! (if you don't know me very well, I am being way sarcastic) Ok so she was just hungry so she gets real food, well kinda real. Anyway... She was so cute, she was excited to sit in the chair and just smiled till we gave her the first bite and she was not impressed. After a few bites she decided it was okay and when we were done she was all smiles! Now she just gobbles it up like a pro!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Just Pathetic!

Seth was feeling sick the other day. He had been throwing up in the morning and didn't eat all day. A little bit before nap time I looked over at him and he had fallen asleep like this. My favorite part is the foot in the throw-up bowl (unused, but there just in case) It was so sad, so like a good mother I had to take a picture of it. He is so sweet, and feeling better now!

Too Cute To Pass Up!

There is just something so sweet about a sleeping baby! And I love one when they are just in their diapers! (but I do get her dressed too!) Man she is getting big!

And this cute little dress reminds me of "heidi" she looked so cute and had so much fun wearing it that I couldn't resist putting it on here for all to see!!

Have you ever had those days where one of your kids just makes you laugh? Well today is a Lexi day! She woke up the other day with these dress-up ballet slippers tied around her neck and she gave us the hardest time taking her picture. For some reason she just didn't want her picture taken, but we won.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

How Do You Do It?

So I always have people asking me "How do you it?" Well I always think, you just do, I don't know how, but it just works. Well I was looking through my pictures and came across

these and thought it was a very accurate description of how I do it! With 4 kids under 5 and 3 of those are under 3, I do alot of this...

And generally, I love every minute of it!