Saturday, June 26, 2010

riley turned 6!!

Little Riley Rae turned 6 this week. I can't believe she is that old!! I just love that little munchkin!! So here are some pictures I loved of her and thought I'd share
I love love love this crazy bed head picture!!! It makes me laugh everytime! If it was just the hair it would be awesome enough but she had to add the crazy eyes and tongue!! (1 year)

This is on her 2nd bday (i put all these pictures on here and then they all disappeared and I wasn't about to fix this one, it took way too much time as it was) I love how excited and happy she is!
She had crazy eyes so a few days after her 2nd bday she had eye surgery to correct it. She was such a sad sad sight, but when i scrolled through it I had to post it. Such a sweetie, I just wanna snuggle her. Look at those cheeks!
Here she is just being riley at 3 years old

On her 4th bday she wanted to help make her cake. She is as excited as can be!! Love it!!
She has had a pool party for several years and this was at last years family party. Such a pretty girl!
And this is at the spring concert for Kindergarten a few months ago. I love her sassy pose!!

She is seriously such a fun amazing girl!! And ALL girl. For her bday she requested clothes, shoes, (high heeled ones, not wedge) and make up. I love how girly she is. I don't think a day goes by that she doesn't ask to do a craft or put on makeup or paint her nails. We are gonna have us some fun!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day...

So I was looking around for a picture of my dad so I could do a father's day post. But, alas, a good picture was not to be found. So I did this one instead! Doesn't it rock!!! It is pretty much one of my most favorite pictures simply because of the awesomeness that it is. (that's my great grandpa over there by my brothers) Anyway Happy Father's day. I would do a whole tribute thing to my dad but frankly he doesn't care. Love ya dad!
But for Eliott... Man he is amazing! I had surgery this week on Wednesday so he knew that Father's day wouldn't be some magical lazy day for him. Now let me just say on Mothers day I want everything to be allllll about me and I don't want to have to do anything at all for anybody! And he delivers he gives me all of that and more so on Father's day I try to do the same thing for him but not so much this year. He did anything and everything for me all week and even made his own father's day dinner. I sure love him!!

He is an amazing dad and I am soooo glad that my kids get to have him as a dad!

To all you other father's out there (cuz I am sure so many check my blog!!)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

laundry day

So I am unbelielvable tired of washing laundry that is already clean! So we have talked about making sure the clean stuff is put away and the dirty stuff goes in a basket. So after many of these talks I decided to take action! The kids had to do the laundry. Every last thing!!! The only thing I did was pour the soap and fold my understuff. They sorted, started, switched, folded, hung and put away 10 loads of laundry!!!
It took 3 days from start to finish (because of the time of use plan) But they finished and they actually did a pretty decent job. I was really proud of them. They didn't even complain alot. At first they thought it was fun but by the end of that last load they were soooo done. We have a standing thing on Wednesday morning and that was the last day and I told them they couldn't go unless they were finished. They had 1 load to fold and one to put in the dryer and then fold. So Seth got up at 5 a.m. that morning to make sure that he could get it done!!

So we will see how well they learned come monday or tuesday when it is laundry day again.
One of my favorite parts was watching riley try to get the last of the stuff out of the washer!!

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one of my favorite things...

I love when I ask a kid "are you tired" and the answer is "no" and then I come in to find this....

notice the unfinished sucker!
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