Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thankful and stuff

We had our 9 year anniversary on Wednesday! I can't believe it has been that long! I love looking back at our wedding pictures and seeing how excited we were! I love even more looking at pictures from now and still seeing how excited we are. I am so in love w/ this guy! I love that we have this wonderful family and that we get to spend forever together. So this Thanksgiving I am grateful for my fabulous hubby!
Also just so you know how wonderful he is let me share our turkey day w/ you!
Eliott always makes the turkey for me and then we kinda just help each other w/ the rest of the stuff. Well this year he made every last thing! It was great! the only thing I did was put the frozen rolls in the pan to rise. He even made the cinnamon rolls for breakfast, they were pillsbury, but still!!
Anyway he is great and I am so thankful that he is mine!! Love you Eliott!


So we went out to some pecan groves to take our pictures this year. We decided to take them ourselves, meaning we got situated and Eliott or I would push the timer button and then run! It was kinda funny but definitely fun. I think they turned out great and I love them. Lyddie was sure hard to capture though. She was not thinking pictures were fun! Anyway enjoy!

Not that I am claiming to be a pro or anything, but I think I would like to try my hand at this whole picture taking thing, soooo if you want to get your pictures taken and you don't expect perfection and you are willing to be a guinea pig for me, I would love to take pictures for you!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas cards!

I am making Christmas cards to sell this year. So if anyone is interested you can check out my other blog for other pictures and pricing. There are horizontal and vertical options for each of these. (you can see them at the other blog)
Pass this along if you think anybody will be interested!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Girls, girls, girls, hair, hair, hair!!

Okay so while blog hopping the other day, I came across THIS site. It has tons of cute hair do's for little girls. So I decided that I would try some out on my girls. So I wanted to do Riley's hair like this. And I gotta say it turned out pretty cute, especially for a first try! I usually don't have the patience to do all of their hair, but they have such pretty hair that I think I might put more of an effort into their cuteness.

And then we had Lexi, her hair is about shoulder length so not as much to play w/ but I think it turned out super cute too.

Lexi on the other hand was horribly sad about her hair. She wanted "barbie hair" (braids) I even did hers first so it wasn't like she had seen Riley's, but she was so sad. And when she doesn't get what she wants out of her hair she gets frustrated and just starts rubbing her hands all over it and trying to pull out rubberbands. So before she could manage to destroy her cute hair, the awesome mom that I am, I bribed her w/ candy to leave it alone. Luckily it worked, but it also brought candy to the front of her little Lexi brain, so while I did Riley's hair she grabbed the candy bucket and helped herself. Oh well it stayed cute!! It was super cute on the way to church (I was only late by like 2 or 3 minutes too!!) Lexi and Riley both sat in their seats w/out putting their head on the back rest so that their hair would stay cute. And it is a 20 minute drive to church too! Girls are so fun!!

Lyddie doesn't have much to work w/ but she has some curls in the back that my other girls never had, so she just got her hair scrunched. But I did put it in a cute little half ponytail. She looked so big!!

So part of the bribe was that I would do braids another day, so why not today huh? So this is what I came up w/ for today. I am new to parting, it is kinda hard for me but I didn't do to bad eh?!
and now she is a happy little lex w/ her barbie hair!

Friday, November 7, 2008

3 pretties and a scary!

So a little recap of our night. Lyddie = snow white, Lexi = fairy, Riley = barbie ballerina (you had to make sure to say barbie though!!) Seth = scary ghost

We had tons of fun trunk or treating. Our ward always does a pot luck chili right before we fill up on candy. Lyddie was too funny, she didn't quite get the concept of the trick or treating thing. Everytime she would get a piece of candy in her bucket she would take it out and hand it to me to open. So by the next car she was hurrying to finish the piece in her mouth so she could get another one. She only lasted about 5 cars before I took her back to Eliott to help pass out candy. We had a great time and that pretty much wraps it up!