Thursday, September 27, 2007


Can somebody please tell me when it was that my baby grew up? He came home today from school with his school pictures. He looks so big and handsome I actually cried when I saw them. I never thought I would be an emotional mom like this. What is happening?! I am not even prego and really can't even blame it on being postpartum. Oh well I guess I am just a wimp! Anyway I just had to put his sweet picture on my blog.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Somehow I have managed to slide under the radar so far on the whole "7 random facts" post, but somebody finally got me...

1. I like to eat pudding, applesauce (things like that) with a baby spoon (not the rubber kind though, I mean come on!)

2. I can't hear or say the difference between an "e" and an "i" in words such as ten and tin and pen and pin. It all sounds the same to me and if I try really hard to say the "e" it comes out sounding more like "ee". Eliott laughs at me!

3. Somehow somebody in my growing up ward got the idea that I cater weddings, so I am a wedding caterer lately (3 this fall)

4. I love to work with my brother and learn new things (he does construction). Like insulation, I got to do the kind in the ceiling last summer and a few months ago the kind in the walls. I also got to put the door trim on and all the baseboards. And sometime this month I get to help him tile and grout and stuff. He loves it cuz I have fun doing the things that he doesn't like to do. But it is just so fun to learn new things!

5. I hang my clothes w/ the hanger backwards and I color coordinate them in the closet, I have done it for years and don't look forward to the days that my girls can hang their own because I love it like that and they won't keep it. I mean come on it is so nice, you say... mmmmmmmm
I wanna wear pink today and you just look in the pink section. It doesn't get easier right?

6. I love games! Any kind really but I am totally addicted to word games (except scrabble, for some reason I kinda suck at it). Boggle is my all time favorite, I will never say "no" to playing that and I can play it for hours. I love it!!!

7. I love to read but I am really addicted to cheesy LDS romance novels. I have a ton and reread them. I just love that I can pick one up and get a good love story w/ out any "heaving bosoms!"

That is all! I usually don't name names at the bottom for people to be tagged but I have to this time, because Kristine and I have been talking about this one for awhile trying to come up w/ our 7 facts so I tag...
And of course my usual, "Everybody else that wants to-you know you want to do it!!!"

Friday, September 14, 2007

Just some random stuff...

Let's see, first... we noticed Lexi was starting to get a little bit of a buck on her front teeth so we decided to see if we could break her of her thumb sucking habit. Well first we just started telling her she was a big girl and didn't need to do it anymore and when we saw her suck it all we would say is "who's my big girl?" and she would pop it out. So we did that for a couple days and it didn't really seem to be working all that well cuz she figured out she could control it, so I finally found the yucky thumb stuff but the problem is it is supposed to be bitter but your bitter tasted buds are up front and you suck your thumb in the back so that didn't work. So we kept up the whole big girl scheme half-heartedly. I realized the other day that I don't remember the last time she sucked her thumb. Once we left her alone it was done. It took only maybe a week. Wow I have no idea how we lucked out so well!! Anyway thumb sucking story over.
Next Lyddie has decided she is a big girl and can finally sit all by herself!!
Whoo hoo (it is about time!) the other kids sat around 4 or 5 months but she is 7 and a half!
Last is another Lexi thing...
It is so funny we will be sitting in the room and she will all the sudden stand up and started playing duck duck goose w/ everyone. If she can't reach the top of you head she will move your face until she can and say "du" and move on. Every once in awhile she will touch you and start running at which point we assume she says goose. Nobody even has to be paying attention to her for her to play her little game. It is so cute! I think it is funny the things your young kids do when they have older siblings, I mean Seth would never have done that, he didn't even know the game!
Anyway that is just some fun random things going on at my house these days!

Tagged again...

This one is a "love/hate relationship" one.
I was supposed to come up w/ 5, so here they are...

1. Food
2. Clothes
3. Money
4. Exercise
5. Walmart

I tag everyone! Muhahahaha!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh Riley...

So this is Riley's idea of taking a nap. She likes to play for a few minutes before she sleeps but this was a little bit excessive. She had also taken out all the kids piggy banks out of the closet and emptied them on the floor. So when I went to get her after naps I saw the mess and told her that I would love to have her join us in the living room when the mess was cleaned. So I closed the door and a little bit later I came to check on her and this is what I find... She had totally fallen asleep! But I mean who could blame her that is a huge mess she made during nap time, who wouldn't be tired after all that? Needless to say she finally finished cleaning it 10 minutes before bedtime, so she could eat dinner. Once again,
Oh Riley!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


This is Lydia.
She is 7 months old.
She loves to sleep.
She has almost mastered sitting up.
She loves to roll around on the floor.
She loves to play with her toys.
She love to sit in her exosaucer thingy.
She loves to play with her brother and sisters.
She loves to smile.

She loves daddy to play "pig on a stick" with her.
She loves to laugh.
She has tons upon tons of rolls.
She has a very serious side.
She is so sweet.
She is so heavy.
She loves her pink blanket.
She loves to go for walks in the stroller.
She has 1 tooth.
She loves to eat green beans.
She loves to grab her toes.
She likes to sleep on her tummy.
She likes to scoot around the room on her tummy.
She loves to look in the mirror.
She will grab your hand if it is anywhere near her and shove it in her mouth.
She is so squishy.
She sucks her thumb when she wants to sleep.
She pretends not to eat when anybody tries to feed her but me.
She is too big for her infant car seat.
She is my Lyddie girl!
I love her!


This is Alexis.
She is 1.5 years old.
She loves to suck her thumb.
She has amazing eyes that smile before her mouth does.

She loves to play with the stroller and shopping cart.
She loves to help with Lyddie.
She loves copying whatever her big brother or sister does.
She loves to take a bath.
She loves to play outside.
She loves to help put away dishes.
She is a sweet girl.
She has an amazing talent to discover whatever it is Riley wants and get to it first.
She is best buddies with Seth.
She has a crooked smile.
Her crooked smile can melt anyone's heart.
She loves her aunts and uncles.
She loves to read books.
She eats food crumb by crumb with her forefinger and thumb.
She takes forever to eat.
She trips alot.
She likes to ride in Riley's car seat.
She loves to sing "wheels on the bus"
She makes everybody think they are her favorite person ever.
She has so much love.
She is my sweet Lexi Ann!
I love her!

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This is Riley.
She is 3 years old.
She loves the color pink.
She loves clothes.
She loves shoes.
She is a true girly girl.
She likes her hair in braids or buns.
She likes to call braids barbie hair.
She likes to call buns squishies.
She loves to play with Seth.
She is an awesome big sister.
She loves to feed Lyddie.

She loves to roll Lyddie on the floor (when I am not looking!).
She loves to play kitchen with Lexi.
She absolutely loves to ride in Daddy's car.
She loves to play with her friends.
She is a sweetheart.
She has an unbelievable talent to walk into a room and discover what she can do to annoy anybody she chooses.
She is a huge ham and loves her picture taken.
After her picture is taken she always wants to see.
She gives the best "welcome home" hugs and shouts.
She loves to hug.
She still likes to be held.
She loves to get sung to at night.
She is my Ri Rae.
I love her!

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This is SETH
He is 5 years old.
He started Kindergarten this year.
He loves to play baseball with his dad.
He loves the color blue.
His favorite food is sandwiches.
He would eat sandwiches all day long if he could.
He makes friends easily.
He is a very sweet boy.
He loves to draw.
He always wants to do crafts.
He can almost tie his shoes.
He is the best big brother.
He is best buddies with his sister Lexi.
He is a big helper.
He loves to help dad in the yard.
He loves transformers.
He loves to go to work with his grandpa.
He loves to sing and listen to music.
He makes me laugh.
He loves going to school.
He loves hugs.
He is my boy!
I love him!