Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have become hooked on Biggest Losers this season because I have a friend whose brother is on it. Or WAS on it. Seriously why on earth would they vote Dane off. I think they pretty much just sabotaged their team. They have to be morons to do a move like that. Ron will keep them below the yellow line. Stupid stupid stupid!!
That is pretty much it. I am so frustrated right now!
(Just had to get that out!)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Help please!!!

This year is our 10 year anniversary!! I have been wanting an anniversary band to go under my wedding band. But my wedding ring isn't just straight across so I can't just get any ol' band to go w/ it. So I am pretty sure I am going to have to have it custom made. So my question to you is ...
Does anybody out there know of anybody that makes custom jewelry? I want to start pricing it out so I can see if I can really get one this year. So if you know of anybody, let me know!! You can leave a comment or email me whatever!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what we've been up to...

Well, I keep thinking I will post when I put pictures on the computer. But the office is still a mess and the only thing left to organize, so I am not sure when I will actually put the pictures on the computer. And my laptop is a hunk a junk so no pictures there either. So if you are really bored you can read what we have been up to and imagine all the brightly colored pictures that would go along w/ the fun!
So let's see what we have missed

*Christmas was fun and fabulous w/ lots of presents, smiles, family and candy!! What more could you ask for!

*Lexi turned 3! I can't believe how big she is getting!!

* We are now Gilbert residents!

* The move went smoothly w/ the exception of my broken toe and the fact that the people helping us load our truck forgot so we had to call and remind them. (it always happens to us, we are used to it by now!!)

* We had fabulous friends meet us up here to help us unload and it worked out great!!

* The house got unpacked and decorated (except the aforementioned office) It took me longer this time. But it was still done in a week!

* Seth started his new school and doesn't same much. He did say he likes it better than his old one because he gets a snack. But seriously anything was better than his old one so I am in love!!

*I got to go on a scrapbooking retreat w/ a group of fabulous girls!! And we had a fabulous time!! I would love to go again, but alas it is not in the cards yet! Amazingly we had 7 girls go and there was no drama!! No tell me how that happens. It was great!! And maybe one day I will do a post all it's own for that fabulous weekend!

* While I was gone on my retreat (in Colorado) Eliott was a fabulous hubby and took the kids to our new ward for the first time.

*Eliott got tons of "kudos" for taking the kids to church by himself.

*We went to our ward activity the next week and I heard all of those "kudos" for myself!

* Our new ward is absolutely fabulous! It has to be the friendliest bunch of people ever. And I LOVE it!!

* Lydia had a birthday! My baby is now 2!!

* Having my baby turn 2 made me miss having a for reals baby around the house! :(

* Seth got signed up for t-ball, for which he is super excited!!

* Lexi and Riley got signed up for dance. I tried for ballet but the classes were full, so we thought hip hop might be fun. Riley did not. We had to watch kid hip hop videos on-line until she found one that she liked. Then she agreed that she would go to dance. I thought for sure she would want to no matter what but apparently she only wanted to do "ballerina classes"

*Lyddie is standing next to me crying. I am pretty sure she just wants to be held. So maybe I will go do that for now!!

Until next time, my blog friends, until next time!