Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the truth is...

The truth is I don't have any truths for today. cuz the truth is I am having a rough week and seriously missing this lady....

It has been 7 years on Saturday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend update

Friday- Jammie day, finished yw invitations, end Jammie day when the nurse called to tell me Riley was sick and should come home, load girls into eliott's crap car only to have it die on me 3 times before I made it into the street, best neighbor ever offers to let me borrow her car, get Riley and reinstate jammie day( yes I really put my jammiea back on), costa vida salad, made snickerdoodles and didn't even eat one, then eliott went totals night with his bro and I watched lots of tlc and hgtv

Saturday- slept in a bit, had a lazy day with the fam. , went to hobby lobby with kelli, annoyed the hobby lobby lady w/ my 14 different colors of satin for flowers, had a yummy costa vida salad. made handouts for my lesson, watched movies with eliott

Sunday - church, then meetings, then a twice interrupted nap. surprise cookies dropped off! thanks Carly!! Brinner (breakfast for dinner) then bed for kids and movie for us. Lazy sunday! Love it!

Kind of a boring weekend but sometimes that is nice!!!

Look what I did...

So I am going to start another regular post. I am going to post some of the projects I have been working on are have already finished.

I saw this on a blog forever ago and have no idea where I found it but thought it was cute! You just buy $store plates and candle holders to make this cute party tray.
I got the clear candle holders and spray painted them white and then used E6000 glue to to put it all together.
I think it is way cute and it was fun to have but here are somethings I would do differently next time. And there will be a next time! I need a pink one!!
First the top of the candle stick holders weren't level, so when picking them out check them to see if they are level. Next double check that your plates aren't warped at all.
I made this the night before Seth's baptism so I was busy and my dad was just sitting here doing nothing so I put him to work. So the next thing I would do differently is tell him not to make his "sharpie' marks so big when marking the center of the plates!!! Thanks Dad!! Also if you make one I like the bottom candlestick holder standing right side up and the next one is upside down.

Okay next up are these cute ctue flowers!! I have seen them everywhere but have yet to make them. My sis-in-law Jess showed up the other day w/ some in her hair so I quizzed her on her technique and away I went. I was making some invitations for a Young Womens activity and thought they would be cute on there. So now I have tons of practice and am ready to make lots of colors for my hair!!

And here is the cute invitation!! (see I told you I love making them!)
They were fun and I think they turned out cute. They are going in a clear 5x5 envelope!
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the truth is...

The truth is I don't mind going to the dentist. But some where in that 6 months between visits I completely forget how uncomfortable it is to have somebody scrape sharp metal things against your teeth. Seriously!! Ugh! I went this morning and I am pretty sure I will forget the yuckiness of it in about a month so come March I will not mind going again!

The truth is I love making cards. I mean I really love it! Cards and Invitations! They are so fun to me and they are so pretty and I love to look at them. But I am soooo not the send out a card kinda girl. I often forget thank you cards. I mean come on I said thank you several times when you did whatever it was you did for me. Do I really have to send out a thank you card? (I know sometimes I still have to, but I don't like it) So since I never send cards out I like to make batches of them and give them to friends who actually do send cards out.

The truth is I have really long finger nails and I like them. They grow well and they look nice when I make sure to take care of them. But since starting piano, my teacher makes me clip them. I don't like this. I don't like feeling the very tip of my finger it is weird and sensitive. But I like piano so I suffer.

The truth is I am really really excited for my girls to be teenagers. I mean really excited!!! But mornings like this morning remind me that it won't be all fun. Like when lexi was sobbing one second and smiling the next. Oh man it's gonna be rough for the 2 boys in my life when all of us get to have "that time of month"!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

weekend update

Friday - lots and lots or prep work for seth's luncheon. mango salsa, snickerdoodles, yummy homemade "costa vida style" ranch dressing, guacamole, sweet pork, mopping, cleaning... hair coloring.

Saturday - up at 6:30 to finish the pork and start the rice. Had everything ready to go for luncheon (seriously smoothest luncheon ever!!) Seth's baptism (deserves a post of it's own) lots of family and friends over for the luncheon, clean up, dad stayed the rest of the day so there was alot of sports on tv with him and eliott. Scriptures, where seth grinned ear to ear with his new set. kids bedtime, more football. lesson prep

Sunday-church (we made it on time!!) and then I had meetings. Came home and napped while Eliott watched football. Read for a bit. had a yummy dinner and then went over to a great friends house. The girls played games while the boys watched football. and the kids ate goodies and ran around outside. Then i stayed and helped her w/ some price tagging on her jewelry and came home w/ a super cute necklace.

So all in all it was a fantastic weekend!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Seth got baptized today!

My big, sweet, serious, silly, kind, loving boy got baptized today!!
Eliott took him out shopping for his snazzy suit and then took pictures for an invitation.
He picked all the people he wanted to come celebrate with him. He even helped address the envelopes and will send out thank you's to the people who gave him gifts! He is sooo big! When did this happen!
He is such an amazing kid!
I have decided I really like the stake baptisms! We didn't have to do anything. We got to focus on Seth and how he wanted to celebrate his day instead of worrying about talks, and prayers, and pianist. It was a beautiful day! Our stake has gone to a lot of work (I assume) in getting the day to be a well oiled machine. It flowed so well! And was so wonderful!

My dad went in on a set of scriptures for him and he was sooooo unbelievably excited! He was excited when we gave them to him, before we left for the church. But when we it was time for scripture reading before bed, he ran upstairs to get his scriptures and came back down w/ this smile on his face! I have a hard time getting a real smile for pictures but this one wasn't forced at all. He literally could not stop smiling while we read. In fact when it was his turn to read, you could hardly understand some of the things he read because he was still smiling sooooo big! I hope he keeps this excitement for scripture reading.

He is such an amazing guy! I love him to pieces! And guess what..... HE IS MINE!!! (Jealous? you should be!!!)
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The truth is I turned Eliott down the first time he asked me out. To my credit, I didn't actually hang up the phone. Before our conversation ended my roommate was silently yelling at me to go out with him! It wasn't that I didn't want to, it was that I already had plans. So i broke those plans and went out with Eliott instead! Thanks Julie for the silent yelling!!

The truth is i really don't like running. I am not good at it. I am really slow and I look like I just ran 10 miles right when I start running. How I managed to go 4 years through cross country in high school and a 1/2 marathon a few years ago, I will never know, cuz really i don't like running.

The truth is I am really enjoying not having any shows that i "have to" watch. It has been nice! Yet I am sooo excited for my shows to start in a few weeks! This year I have dvr so I don't have to be home when it plays! Ah the freedom!!

The truth is I hate loud eating. It isn't necessarily the crunching, it's the extra saliva going on in there. Seriously people why is so sloshy in your mouth. I sometimes feel like a bad mom when I don't want to sit next to my kids when they sound like this. The worst culprit of sloshy eating would be my mom! Seriously she was so loud!!!! Love her though!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

weekend update

bet you thought I forgot huh?! well with it being a 3 day weekend I decided to wait until today.

Saturday - we had to prestons over. The one I watch on a regular basis and the most adorable little redhead ever! Trip to the grocery store - solo! Then I got to go hand out a friends house for the rest of the day. While there I got to snuggle a sleeping newborn for 1.5 hours! Seriously it is my favorite thing in the world to hold a newborn on my chest with them all curled up and sleeping. It is so relaxing! After that sweet baby went away my friend and I sewed all afternoon. I made 2 skirts and a dress! So cute. The dress is too wide so I need to alter that a bit. Made the dress w/ a pattern! go me! fyi i still hate patterns. I would rather figure it out myself. another friend came over and made yummy stuff to eat! sooo yummy. Then I came home. I read for a bit then it was off to bed!

Sunday- Lexi woke up feeling yucky so we had to play the "who will stay home" game. Well I was assigned to say the prayer in church and open the library for my librarian friend who was out of town and Eliott was supposed to teach 3rd hour. And I wasn't feeling terribly fantastic anyway. But Eliott had counted on 2nd hour to finish lesson prep. So I had to go for the 1st 2 hours. Then we switched. I got to sleep for 2 hours got up for 1/2 an hour and then back to bed for 2ish more. It was sleepy sunday. Then dinner. After kids were in bed Eliott made a cake and we played the friends trivia game! It has been forever and we were a little rusty on our trivia!! Then to bed by 9:30. Seriously that is a lot of sleep.

Monday - Eliott had to get up and do flags for labor day. So it was another non sleep in day. So we decided to tackle the kids disaster of a room! So we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. And then rearranged them a little. Then we hung out and watched a movie then dinner. Eliott went to do more flags. And then Eliott and I got to watch a movie. I got started on my laundry which makes tuesday laundry day easier and then to bed!

not terribly exciting but it was fun for me! I just might have to take some pictures of my projects!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the truth is...

So my sis-in-law also does this fun one. The truth is wednesdays. So basically I tell you random things...

~The truth is I can't hear or say the difference between and "i" or an "e". Especially when it is in a 3 letter word. Eliott says it is kind of a combo between the 2 sounds. So if I need a pen I will usually say "can you hand me that P-E-N?" and spell it out for you. Yep I get looks but I get them when I try to just say it then I have to spell it anyway. This issue always makes me wonder how I say my name... when we go to eat I always have them put Eliott's name down cuz I have seen more than one person put Gin or Jin. As a result of this little defect I have to turn the kids over to Eliott when they are trying to learn those sounds!

~The truth is I still haven't decided if I want my girls saying boobs or breasts or what. So I still call it my chest. Seriously though, I can't imagine either of those words coming out of their cute little mouths so my theory is to just avoid!

~The truth is I hate blue lights on electronics. Seriously why did they switch from red numbers on your alarm clock to blue. I have a stereo in my room that has a blue circle display. I can't sleep if it isn't covered. So I have a polka dot gift box lid hanging off the front of it. That blue is soooo blasted bright. I have had the same alarm clock since I was about 10 and I hope it never dies cuz they all come in stupid blue!!

~The truth is I hate word verification thingys on blogs. I can understand them on public blogs. But come on people if you switch to private take away the verification!!

~The truth is I don't ever know who sings what, or what songs are titled. (with few exceptions) I just can't remember all that detail. I can usually sing along to it, but even then I have been known for some pretty awesome made up lyrics. But oh how I LOVE to turn up the music and belt it out!

~The truth is growing up my brother made a rule in his truck that I couldn't sing along unless I knew the artist. So that pretty much guaranteed I couldn't sing along to pretty much anything. Which I don't really blame him since I am pretty sure I sounded horrible!

~The truth is because I pretty much sounded horrible and have always felt self-conscious singing, I now take voice lessons from a good friend. It is so much fun! I will never be fantastic but I do feel much more comfortable just singing in church settings.