Tuesday, January 18, 2011

new beds!!

So the girls were outgrowing their small room so we decided to get bunk beds!!

we got a twin over full and the girls are in love with it!!!

For the first week they rotated turns on top but lately they have been all snuggling up together on the bottom! it is so cute! I love that they are such good friends! and having it has helped free up tons of space in their room making it a bit easier for them to clean and more fun to play in. so all around an excellent purchase!!
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

hmmm what to do...

Well blogland, I am not gonna lie, I love comments! If I didn't like them or didn't care if anybody read my blog or not then I would just have it private and keep it to myself. I have gotten emails from people telling me to keep blogging when I start to slack. So if you want me to keep posting then you better start commenting. GOT IT LURKERS?!!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Lexi's party

In our house you get a family (meaning, uncles, aunts, cousins...) party every year but on the years you turn, 5, 8, 12,16 and maybe 18 you get to have a friend party! The kids are okay w/ this deal and I love it!! So this year Lexi got to have a friend party. First we decorated cupcakes and had lunch
and then there was asurprise visit from some princesses!

The Princesses got to paint all the girls nails and then we took some pictures with them!
The girls LOVED it!! Lexi was so cute!
We had presents and then she got to blow out her candle in the cupcake she decorated!
In the evening we had our family party where she got more presents and more cake! All in all I would say she had a fantastic day!!
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Lexi turns 5!

My Lexi is 5 now! look how gorgeous, sassy, fun and simply wonderful she is!!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Here are some of my favorite pictures from Christmas morning.
The kids didn't get to bed until about 10 on Christmas Eve so they slept until about 7:30. Eliott and I got up at 6:30 and waited for them to wake up so they could come downstairs. Here they are on the top of the stairs in their new jammies!

They have been wanting zhu zhu pets and Riley has pretty much been the ring leader on that one so she was super excited that Santa had left one for each of them!
Lydia was more excited for the bubbles in her stocking!! I love this rag-a-muffin picture of her!
Well and then there was chapstick which is always a huge hit for the girls!

All the kids were having so much fun w/ all the stuff in their stockings that they checked everything out for a good 15 minutes before we reminded them that there were presents under the tree! I love that they are so happy w/ the little things!
This is what happened after Lexi opened the present from Riley (it was a cell phone from the dollar store). Apparently Lexi loved it because she attacked Riley in hugs to thank her. They were rolling around on the floor and it was hilarious!

Seth had a great time too I just didn't snap any pictures of him looking at the camera. But overall we had a great day!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I thought I would start the year out w/ a blog post! Now I am not gonna go all crazy and say I am gonna be a better blogger this year. But secretly I am gonna try!

I need to put Christmas pictures on my computer so I can blog about Christmas. It was a fun day and I love watching te kids get sooo excited!

well that's about it for now. short but sweet.