Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Walmart Fun

So I went to Walmart the other day. It was a bad day to begin with. I was so exhausted and extremely hormonal and wanted to cry over everything. And none of it was really worth crying about and I knew it, but somehow that doesn't ever seem to help. Anyway we were having the missionaries over for dinner and my house was a mess and I need two things from the store so I deciede to go on my way home from play group, which would be my only time to do it. Well unfrotunately for me that was also lunch time and rapidly approaching nap time. So I figured if I could get Riley and Lexi to sit in the back of the cart and I could put Lyddie up in the front and Seth could walk then I could get them a corn dog from the deli counter and accomplish shopping and lunch all in one fell swoop then I could get home and put them all to bed and enjoy some much needed me time. Okay so the flaw in the plan was that Riley (who by the way has decided that 6 a.m. is a good wake up time) didn't want to sit in the back, she wanted to walk. Well I had already told her she was in the back so I decided to stick to my guns! Well that involved holding her arm so that she couldn't climb out and walking with my other hand on the cart so I could direct it. She screamed the entire time, which seemed much longer than it really was since I just got my 2 needed items (something fellow walmart shoppers know, never happens!!) when we were in the frozen food aisle this older lady stops and starts talking to her trying to calm her down. I just wanted to tell her to leave us alone so I could get out of there, but I have been recently informed that when I am hormonal I tend to lean heavily on the side of rude. So I was trying my best just to politely escape when I think she finally caught on and asked me "I am not helping am I?" I do have to be grateful for that because she wasn't, so then we proceed to the check out getting stares from everyone of course! Well with Riley throwing her awesome fit I decided to forgoe the "corn dog" plan and had to come up with something else, so on the way home we got taco bell, they ate in the car and as soon as we walked in the door Riley turned her little switch and became the cutest little angel! Of course! Well I think this story had a point but I don't remember it now. But at the end of this long morning I got everybody to sleep and sat in my room to watch a girl movie and had some ice cream!! Yummy! When all was said and done, my house was clean (at least the parts the missionaries could see!) the missionaries were full, my kids were happy and I got to go to bed at 8:30. Not a bad ending to a bad day!

Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Summer Time

So I got Seth his new swim suit for the year and thought I would try the girls' suits on them to see who needed a new one. Wouldn't ya know it, nobody would take them off. Riley and Lexi wore their cute suits w/ hats all day long. And seth wore his trunks w/ out a shirt the whole day too. The sad thing is we don't have a play pool for the backyard yet so they just wore them around the house. They even took naps in them. It was a funny day seeing them playing in their suits. And the nice thing is I don't even have to buy Lexi a suit unless I take Lyddie swimming, cuz her's still fits.
I was really excited for summer and swimming, but
I think they just might be even more excited than me. It should be a great season, even better though if it were 20ish degrees cooler! Oh well!
Happy Swimming!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Who Knew?

Who would have ever thought that a simple ceiling fan could capture so much attention. Lyddie has recently discovered this awesome "baby toy" and it has become her best friend. Eliott can usually make her smile and she rarely smiles for me, but one look at the fan and she is all smiles. She will usually start laughing too. Why is it we, as moms, do all the hard work and the blasted ceiling fan gets all the rewards? Oh well, what's a girl to do!
So on a different note, I took this "little" girl to the doctor last week and the little fatty is weighing in at 15 pounds 2 ounces. (3 weeks ago she was 12 1/2 pounds) what a cute porker
I have!!
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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Riley's Latest Thing

I wanted to braid her hair one day but she didn't know what that meant so I told her it would be like "Barbie's hair". We had just recently rented Rapunzel - Barbie style and she had her hair long and in a braid. Now every morning she wants "barbie hair". The nice thing for me is, it is worth all the squirming she does while I do it because it
makes great leverage for me. Such as: "sweet girls get to keep their barbie hair". The days she is the most behaved are the days she has
barbie hair! Not to mention she looks stinking cute!

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