Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ward Campout

This past weekend was our ward campout! We went up a day early along with some other families to reserve some spots for those
that couldn't make it until Friday. One of the families that came had set up a zipline next to their site! The kids got to try that out for the first time! I was surprised that they were okay w/ it! They had it going over a little ravine too! Riley jumped right up and went and so did Seth. Lyddie had no intrest at all! And Lex was a tad nervous but thought she would try it out but before they let her go she started to flip out so we took her down. The next day she tried it again and was okay as long as they would keep hold of the rope. So she went the distance to the ravine and then got down.

Then we went to the fish hatchery. The kids had a great time looking at all the fish! They even got to feed the fish which they thought was pretty cool!

We walked from our campsite to the hatchery which ended up being about 2 miles roundtrip by the time you walk all through the hatchery too. Walking was a bad idea!! There was a big incline right before the hatchery. I have a really hard time walking up or down hills with my bad hips so by the time we got up there my hips were hurting and then we still had to walk around and back. By the time we started back we had a 4 yr old that was tired of walking and a 5 yr old w/ a broken toe that was bothering her and a 6yr old w/ her dying femur that was bothering her. So I got the 4yr old and Eliott rotated the other two!

It was about half way back when Lyddie laid her head on my head and said "mom I think I am gonna go to sleep on your head, okay?" It was too cute!

I love this scrunched up nose picture! Too Cute!!
Lexi decided to hang w/ me on the way back after her shoulder ride. She hung on my pocket so she could keep up. It was cute but made my journey a little more difficult! We had tons of fun but I don't think we would walk again!!

We have an amazing ward and I love going to ward activities but this by far was my favorite! The kids got to run around and play w/ all the other kids while we got to visit and relax with friends! I can't wait till next year!!
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Brianne said...

Looks like fun. That was a super long walk with kids. My kids couldn't have done it either. I love that that she wanted to fall asleep on your head. Too cute!

AudyCamp said...

Where did you camp? We are looking for a good spot this weekend. ...and love your aprons down below.